Mature Amateur Scat Sex

This older couple doing some dirty and nasty scat games on homemade video.

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diggerau +59 points1687 days ago

can they adopt me please Reply Report

Regina   0 points1413 days ago

why, are you born through the poop hole. Reply Report

Dawn -2 points1413 days ago

How do you know? Did you force him out of your poop hole. Reply Report

scatplay +8 points1650 days ago

may i hold a camera for you? Reply Report

imbatman +6 points1468 days ago

Day of the Caca people, there invading our cities our towns our streets...the caca people are invading our homes and sharing with us all there endless caca and rubbing the caca in our faces to eat there caca and be part of there caca people, we have to survive, we need to leave the cities and towns and head for the deserts and forest, hide or become infested with caca! Reply Report
poop lover

poop lover +4 points1149 days ago

i'd love to clean that beautiful body all over with my tongue. what a set of tits on that old slut Reply Report

splinter10 +1 points1611 days ago

Just turned a great film into a shitty (pardon the pun) one with his camera 'technique'... Reply Report
Non member

Non member +1 points1364 days ago

I guess they're taking the phrase "eat shit and bark at the moon",literally Reply Report
scat mru guy

scat mru guy +1 points1291 days ago

Ilove that any1 wnaa give it a try Reply Report

jada555 +1 points1036 days ago

interesting Reply Report

damenwaeschewixer   0 points1544 days ago

nice great... Reply Report

shithead   0 points1436 days ago

Love these two wow I want to join them just a couple of adventourous people loving shit and piss yuuuum Reply Report

Django   0 points1262 days ago

É de apoiar assim um casal já de uma certa idade fazer sexo desta maneira, têm de gostar muito um do outro, é claro que já começaram há muito tempo eu aprovo e gosto muito de ver e admiro muito, só não tenho companheira para me acompanhar mas adoro ver. Reply Report

caccalove   0 points707 days ago

Sei uno spettacolo, mi mangerei tutta la tua merda mia regina ore e ore, volevo tanto conoscerti e scoparti bella dea mia Reply Report

DK8765   0 points61 days ago

Hmm... im just wondering how they found out that hey.. i really turn on by you smearing poop in my face happend... how they know? i would be so afraid to ask her without her running away screaming yelling you psyco!!.. Reply Report

Nasty -3 points1233 days ago

You are nasty fucking ppl can we ll say hep a Reply Report

Zoran -10 points1615 days ago

uh oh, lack of oxygen when born! LOL. Reply Report