Girls Pooping In Public

Guy with camera follows girls who need to use the bathroom so badly but can't find one in time.

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wtf +24 points2070 days ago

Yawn, yet more fake Japanese poop porn. But I guess it's no surprise what a fistful of yen will get a girl to do in public... Reply Report
Wtf is a faggot

Wtf is a faggot +6 points2070 days ago

How is it that every time u see a video of something crazy some stupid no life mothah fuckah have to comment "fake" to ruin the whole fucking video like deadass stop sucking dick if u dont believe it dont fucking watch it u stupid shit brain Reply Report

wew +5 points2069 days ago

i liked the 3rd gal pooping and the way she standing Reply Report
capital punishment

capital punishment +3 points2069 days ago

To me the real part about this video is the poop, because no way u can stuff that much fake poop up your ass to act. The fake part is the filming as in how do u know that girl u are filming was going to poop? So I think how this goes is the cameraman waits at the female toilet, pays the girls requiring to poop to do it in public and films it down Reply Report

smokejoke +3 points1915 days ago

love it Reply Report

extreme +2 points2070 days ago

I agree it's a fake candid, but those actresses pooping are even exciting Reply Report

stuarthypnotized +2 points1872 days ago

Not fake, just staged!! Reply Report

Zbyszek +1 points2067 days ago

ta pierwsza zesrała się konkretnie Reply Report
wtf is a assholebitch

wtf is a assholebitch +1 points1818 days ago

More like those faggots are trying to make a fake shit video!!!!! Reply Report

tom +1 points1772 days ago

staged, ok, but I like it, the more urgent the poop, the better Reply Report
Chou Chin Chow

Chou Chin Chow +1 points1179 days ago

The Nipponese say they have a high sense of ethics and etiquette and have toilet at every nook and corner of their cities. Then how come girls run to the bushes to relieve.Is it titillate their imbecile and retarded males. How much was this girl paid? Reply Report

nutan   0 points2069 days ago

i lop those acting the way the hold there stomach n ass like they really want to go toilet but once they start to poop its look like a piece of shit. the way they act they should shit a load of poop Reply Report

Pepito +1 points1208 days ago

The name suggests you are a female but your written language speaks you are a male.Could be you are both. Reply Report

Scatophile   0 points2058 days ago

It would be more than fun to go in Japan, spot some hot shitting (and pissing) girls, enjoy the show and after that go to "check" and "inspect" their loads and their white-brown-yellow shitty and pissy toilet papers Reply Report

niceguyneedslove   0 points2043 days ago

These girls can take me out in the woods anytime and use me as a toilet! Reply Report

jojo   0 points2030 days ago

The Japanese guy was saying "It was insanely amazing! Too erotic!" I agree. Reply Report

jami63   0 points2020 days ago

the third one is the most exciting to my taste, she make me cum and the fourth one has a great body
don't know how it can be staged because all girls are different
Reply Report

jojo   0 points2003 days ago

Holy shit it's fake? I thought this was real and that the last video was really a documentary about milfs who fuck plumbers!

You fucking dipshits.
Reply Report
girls pooping in public

girls pooping in public   0 points1787 days ago

mmmm would love to have them poop in my mouth Reply Report

Baap   0 points327 days ago

@girls pooping in public are u retarded Reply Report
Two Faced Hacks

Two Faced Hacks   0 points1649 days ago

i lost my boner when every girl had TP, not every f*cking girl has TP in real life. >:( Reply Report

freakygirl69   0 points391 days ago

see my vjideos Reply Report

Arch -1 points2059 days ago

That Is So Fake!!! Reply Report

sugoiiii -13 points2091 days ago

めちゃくちゃすごかった!エロ過ぎる! Reply Report