Hot Girl Inserts Shit In Her Pussy

Hot girl takes a shit while masturbating and inserts her poop in her pussy.

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Shitlover45 +36 points2077 days ago

I wanna fuck the shit out of her Reply Report

loveiswaiting +24 points1799 days ago

Of course this is real, I've done it before. Best experience ever! So dirty, but believe me. So many orgasms that night! Reply Report

jannybh +24 points1311 days ago

Any whte grl should take sht into her cunt and move around, visit malls, discos, supermarkets, it needs to become common! Reply Report

lookin4armpits +1 points666 days ago

I agree! Reply Report

yum +23 points1874 days ago

I'd let her stick her shit in my cunt! Reply Report

underagedontcare +22 points1724 days ago

i wish a guy could shit and then shove it up my pussy then lick it all out Reply Report
non member

non member +21 points1938 days ago

that is so fucking hot Reply Report

lesbo +20 points1816 days ago

i do this every day it is so pleasureful. i leave it in all day then fuck it out at night Reply Report

Crowder +18 points2189 days ago

1, Nice firm logs belong in a pussy
2. She;s hot as hell and will experience orgasm after orgasm.
3. Screw the rest of you pleasure prudes and haters!
Reply Report

sxyshell +18 points2097 days ago

to all the non belivers of this video , it can be done, i done it twice and its very horny Reply Report
Fucking pussys

Fucking pussys -1 points958 days ago

wanna do this some time Reply Report

dietmar +15 points2488 days ago

i want to meet her... wuuuhuuu Reply Report

JEALOUS +15 points2173 days ago

I wish my wife would do this. Reply Report

gazza +15 points1845 days ago

my wife loves to do the same thing, leaves it in her pussy all day Reply Report

Not +14 points1965 days ago

this must be the cleanest scat movie ever :) that was kind of hot :) would love to eat and fuck her pussy Reply Report

1134 +12 points2487 days ago

<3 i'd love to try going out with a girl like her Reply Report

bobbygmc +12 points2077 days ago

wow. i'm in love Reply Report

Scatlover +12 points2015 days ago

this is obviously real and so..soo very hot.. Reply Report

Pooluvr +12 points1985 days ago

The shit cums out her butthole it's real and I want to eat it Reply Report

geo8x6 +12 points1585 days ago

I'd fuck her pussy after she did that, then piss in her to wash the shit out Reply Report

Sexlover +11 points2239 days ago

I want to shit into her pussy then fuck all her holes. Reply Report

yoyo +10 points1588 days ago

wow thats an infection, well done!! Reply Report

Me +9 points1995 days ago

This is so hot. She should wear it in public that would be really hot. Reply Report

Me +9 points1995 days ago

Nice boobies and sexy feet. Reply Report

kinkycunt +9 points1803 days ago

I keep playing this and get a hard on every time. I would eat her out. Reply Report

^.^ +9 points1634 days ago

i wanna see the face of the guy that try's to rape her xD Reply Report
im a girl

im a girl +9 points1490 days ago

i always shove poop in my pussy until i starts seeping out and it feels so good the i shove my vibrator in my pussy and it feels so good Reply Report

1234567891011121314151617181920   0 points1420 days ago

Uploaded that will you I want to see it seep! Reply Report

sophia +9 points1416 days ago

my pussy is full of shit me too:)
Reply Report

Shiteater +8 points1966 days ago

It is real if u look real close right when she starts shitting u see a piece come out so it is real I luv it Reply Report
Smelly Cunt Woman

Smelly Cunt Woman +8 points1785 days ago

I would just leave it in, can you imagine how good it smelled Reply Report

Hex +8 points1722 days ago

She is so fucking hot, that body! Love the vid, I think it's real, very sexy Reply Report

carney +8 points1511 days ago

I would love to stick my cock into that shit filled cunt and then up her ass so she could get a little more on it. then stick my cock in her mouth while I lick out her messy pussy. What a ball buster! Reply Report

lolshock +7 points1580 days ago

she just leaving it for her cheating boyfriend to start licking Reply Report

jammer +7 points1558 days ago

I've seen a longer version of this video that shows more footage after this video. Anyone know where it could be found?
Reply Report
holy crap

holy crap +6 points2267 days ago

that's awesome! I'm assuming that's her green dildo to the left? i didn't think i'd ever see a girl get off on something like that, let alone a hot one. i'd tap that! Reply Report

diggerau +6 points1607 days ago

This is my kind of girl. Instead of wiping her arse i would be licking it clean Reply Report

bleifrei95 +5 points1728 days ago

Einfach nur eine Traumfrau, schade dass es solche wunderbaren Geschöpfe so selten gibt. Reply Report

killxz +5 points1520 days ago

love dat body and nice tits too Reply Report

poopooscoffer +5 points1123 days ago

i wanna lick her out after thats been in there all day Reply Report

lostsole +3 points1066 days ago

my god yes me to!!! Reply Report

mary +4 points2366 days ago

shit Reply Report

jarjar +4 points2109 days ago

this is fistinchen - its real Reply Report
Shit fucker

Shit fucker +4 points1370 days ago

I'd love to shit all over you and fuck your shit filled cu t Reply Report

goodgirl +4 points1177 days ago

she is clever,,,,
she knows the more filthy her cunt
the harder she will cum
Reply Report

E +4 points1048 days ago

She looks fucken HOT, nice tits, but in my opinion if your brave enough to make a video of yourself putting shit in that hot pussy of yours ( which i would love to suck it out of you ) you should show your face. Reply Report

scatman48 +3 points1587 days ago

mmmm Yaa love too lick her pussy and taste her shit at the same time , soooo hott Reply Report

eye-like-fisting +3 points1348 days ago

I wanna eat the shit right out of her pussy oven !! Reply Report

BIGTURD420 +3 points868 days ago

That's some weird shit. Haha Reply Report

hentai +2 points1825 days ago

uncensored it Reply Report

cum +2 points1107 days ago

I'd like to have seen her putting another girl's shit in her pussy. Always wanted to see one girl shit into another girl's ass. Then get dress with the other girl's shit in her and drive to a party. At the party she then shits that on the party table and everyone eats it Reply Report

lostsole +5 points1066 days ago

believe it or not but my old girlfriend spent the night with another women's shit in her pussy. Reply Report

PENGAS +2 points1577 days ago

Yeah wanna lick the shit out of there and fuck her. :) Reply Report

?? +2 points1479 days ago

anyone seen an uncensored version Reply Report
shit lover

shit lover +2 points1228 days ago

I wish I was a girl so I could do that :( Reply Report

Doogaloo +2 points417 days ago

I wish I could do this and have a man fuck it out of me :( Reply Report

Yup +1 points1616 days ago

Wow, Reply Report

ron +1 points1356 days ago

german girl Reply Report

Analfan69 +1 points686 days ago

Wow .. strange but sexy! She's got a lovely body. Is that shit going to be a surprise for some 'lucky' guy? Reply Report
Now What?!

Now What?! +1 points675 days ago

So excellent. Awesome. Should be more videos like it. Shoves her solid turd in her pussy, gets dressed and goes on with her day. Love to lick that pussy. Fantastic. Even with a pix-elated face. Reply Report

+1 points472 days ago

Why is her face blurred out? Reply Report
Hairy cunt

Hairy cunt   0 points1581 days ago

She looks at the same pic 4 like 20 mins !! Reply Report
Flapdragon Oil

Flapdragon Oil   0 points1567 days ago

man, that face is hot
Reply Report
Omega Good Job

Omega Good Job   0 points1185 days ago

Im proud of you Reply Report

Me   0 points1157 days ago

She is really brave Reply Report

lostsole   0 points1066 days ago

why brave? We do that all the time? Reply Report

Me   0 points1157 days ago

Omg Reply Report

Nikki98   0 points435 days ago

Next thing I wanna see is real incest scat where mom stuffs her son's shit inside her cunt, then they both eat, scat threesome with mom, daughter and son sharing each other shit and piss. Also it would be interesting to see one girl eating shit from other pregnant girl. As well as seeing 7-8 month pregnant girl drinking a bowl of men piss and swallow shit. That would be hot as hell. Reply Report
Harry + Sheila

Harry + Sheila   0 points541 days ago

Tip for any couple who want to try this:
Buy a speculum and open the wife's pussy then the husband/wife shits into their pussy
Reply Report

rishigautam   0 points468 days ago

she is awesome..
is it safe that I pee inside my girlfriend's pussy while I fuck her ?
skyp : rishigautamhunk
Reply Report

Rhobin   0 points433 days ago

Nice .
I hope they have snake insertion full video of it
Reply Report
Justin Time

Justin Time   0 points310 days ago

This is disgusting!
You should never put your shoes on the bed!
Reply Report

dottle   0 points125 days ago

good luck dealing with that uti infection Reply Report
long dikc

long dikc   0 points29 days ago

Reply Report

WOW -1 points2297 days ago

ok, so...... i would never fuck her even if she douches with hydrochloric acid. Yes she is hot but wow is she fucked in the head. Reply Report

Richtits -1 points747 days ago

Does someone want to be my sex partner

Reply Report
don't do this

don't do this -3 points2147 days ago

I realy hope that's fake!!! Cause if not that beauty will get an worse infection. Anal stuff never should get into a vagina also no cock after analsex! clean it up befor bang the pussy! because of such vids people get seriaus problems -.- Reply Report
u will die

u will die -3 points1907 days ago

toxic shock for this bird :) Reply Report

-4 points2165 days ago

As much as I want to believe its real I just simply cant. It doesn't smear when it comes out or when she puts it in. She "cleans up" to make it look like she got dirty but if you watch closely the poo is fake and hard. The idea of this is awesome though. Reply Report

non-believer -4 points1906 days ago

i love scat, but that isn't real. nice idea though. and she has hot body. Reply Report

Yolo223967 -6 points1304 days ago

Shes not like any girl ive ever men
1.her pussys gonna get infected
2.i feel bad 4 the boy who hit that after she did this
3. i wonder if i could get my girl to do that........ probaly not
Reply Report

Dick -7 points1766 days ago

crap on the toilet and just fuck all the holes... Reply Report

bill -7 points1430 days ago

This is more fake than plastic titties Reply Report

fredsilverman221 -8 points1641 days ago

She went to the doctor after making the video to get an extra strength shot of penacillen or she will die of infection. Reply Report

Me +1 points1157 days ago

I can picture that Reply Report

456 -8 points1626 days ago

Unhealthy stinky bitch. Reply Report
shit lover

shit lover +5 points1228 days ago

U say that like it's bad... Reply Report
Non-Member trac

Non-Member trac -20 points1896 days ago

Dah pussy da mus full a infection and stink. Wouldn't want to fuck that, she need fi go doctor and clean up r self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report