Girl Gives Herself Anal Enema In The Shower

She wants her ass absolutely clean before anal.

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jo +29 points1704 days ago

one way for a clean ass for a good fuck up it Reply Report

vdfv +7 points1686 days ago

She needs to hold it in Reply Report

LimeZ +4 points1686 days ago

When water starts coming out of her mouth, that's when you know you're clean Reply Report
girl poop lover

girl poop lover +4 points1684 days ago

I'd rather come up her bottom while it's full of poop, then let her push it out on my dick :) Reply Report

geo8x6 +3 points1683 days ago

I did that to my gf and fucked her ass while the water was still up there Reply Report

hans +2 points1684 days ago

now lick it clean!!!!! Reply Report

anonymous +2 points1578 days ago

ANAL enema? Really?! Is there any other kind? Yo dude, an enema only goes in one place. Reply Report

Kinkyyy +2 points671 days ago

What is she moaning about? I've legitimately put 2.5 liters of water up my butt before. Only then can you moan. Reply Report

Poop812340 +1 points33 days ago

This is not what a man wants! Anal sex with poop is completely natural and desired by all men! Cleaning out the anus detracts from what makes anal sex so special and will completely disappoint your man when he finds out you cleaned it. When men ask for anal sex, they know exactly what they’re in for and exactly what they want; a messy dick covered in the girl’s poop! Reply Report

beedee241   0 points1686 days ago

Well, one this is for sure...she's not as full of shit as she once was! Reply Report
Umm ..

Umm ..   0 points1686 days ago

Jeez ..... Dude! .... Good god! .... GOOD GOD! How much do you have in there?! Reply Report

ffs -10 points1686 days ago

yeaaah killed my boner right off... Reply Report