Amateur Scat Eating Close up

Close up of guy eating shit from bbw's ass.

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Godfather78 +43 points2657 days ago

and that guy is dutch with a bbw friend who feeds me now and then Reply Report

Klem326 +13 points2419 days ago

Please godfather78, make me meet this bbw, I will give you money for that, I'm serious. If you're interested please answer me on this page, and then we will discuss by mail. Bye Reply Report

geese +11 points2366 days ago

simply beautiul,the best gift from a bbw Queen Reply Report

grosss +10 points2041 days ago

No wonder his teethe so yellow Reply Report

draco420 +9 points2523 days ago

your lucky to be fed by such a lovely friend :). i wish i had friends like that. Reply Report

chriscan +6 points2537 days ago

- That is the best close up of somebody eating that I have ever seen - This pic made me cum in my panties - By for now, I'll to go and change them Reply Report

dirk +6 points2044 days ago

luv eating a girl's poop when they let u ...nothing beats tasting a hot girl that way Reply Report

chriscan +4 points2543 days ago

- Great dinner shot. Where is the piss to wash it down ? Reply Report

lover +4 points2279 days ago

that was awesome, i too like to eat like that, great video
Reply Report

yum +4 points2241 days ago

lucky way to tell about a girl is through her poop. Reply Report

urinenurse +3 points2015 days ago

My clit grows Reply Report

Slaveofmistress   0 points969 days ago

Would love to serve as your toilet Reply Report
sacramento kinkster

sacramento kinkster +2 points1761 days ago

LOVE that video! Beautiful!!! Been there, done that several times. Reply Report

yumeater +2 points1967 days ago

hmmmmm....i would sniff her fart and eat her shit for breakfast every morning!!!...what a delightful looking Ass and asshole....every guys dream !!! Reply Report

yahzee +2 points1948 days ago

Delicious! Reply Report
I came!

I came! +1 points1788 days ago

You should do more Godfather, that's hot as fuck! Reply Report

Sexylovergirrl +1 points1068 days ago

Any of you boys wanna get fed? I'm down
Reply Report

Slaveofmistress +1 points972 days ago

That is the way to serve a mistress properly!!!!! Excellent shit eating directly into the mouth! Well done!!!!! Reply Report

Slaveofmistress +1 points967 days ago

I wish my mistress woukd feed me her shit so i can eat it directly from her asshole. Also keeping her shit in a pan is good so j can smell it through the day. A supply of her shit would be needed for scat licking blowjobs during the day. Mistress always promised me i could eat her shit. I lived with her and found out shr does not like shit or feeding it to her very dedicated toilet slave. She has pissed on me and we made new harbor inn golden showers with myself in slutty mini skirt high heels and bra and panties. Full maleup looked great as she is a professional. Wish i could give blowjobs all day but the shit issue has destroyed our relationship. I know good medicine for eating her shit and would love to be her real TOILET SLAVE!!!!! Reply Report

Slaveofmistress +1 points956 days ago

Ii jusr love shit eating videos. So nasty a thing to do but a real turn on as hormones abd estradiol are eatrn. Good abd proper medicine may be more rhan oral vitamin c and beer and penicillin. Foound out from actual experience eating shit that only oral chelated vitamin c was needed. Reply Report
Potent pervert

Potent pervert +1 points888 days ago

Any left for me? Reply Report

wantmotherinlaw +1 points488 days ago

If he wasn't married to her before this, I guarantee he slapped a wedding ring on her after this. Reply Report

bonggoddess93 +1 points455 days ago

i wish i had a slave who i could feed my shit too mmm this turns me on so much AND im a bbw like her so it makes me picture it better Reply Report
Your personal toilet

Your personal toilet   0 points98 days ago

@bonggoddess93 you can feed to me your shit I'll lay down you can squat over my mouth and I'll eat it for you. I can drop you my snap
Reply Report

draco420   0 points2523 days ago

i hate bbw but i love this clip and i prollymasterbate to it everytime. Reply Report

Lveblkcum   0 points904 days ago

The fart is what sold me. Plus I love that she is fat. I have cum a lot to this video. Reply Report

sexylovergirrl   0 points1067 days ago

Someone eat my Shit.
Reply Report
Can Not Be Displayed

Can Not Be Displayed   0 points368 days ago

every single one who loves shit they should die sick fucks Reply Report

buttlovin   0 points599 days ago

Can't have enough of this. Sweet and yummie Reply Report

BongGoddess   0 points455 days ago

MMM this video makes me cum everytime. I wish there was a guy here in canada that would eat my shit then lick my ass clean afterward Reply Report

grosss -2 points2041 days ago

That is what u call trifling Reply Report

Slaveofmistress +1 points967 days ago

Enthusiastic shit consuming yes!!!!!! There is good medicine to make it a safe sex act!!!! Reply Report

krispykleen -2 points1398 days ago

your breath must stink Reply Report

TF IS THIS SHIT?! -2 points639 days ago

What the actual suck have I happened upon whilst looking at porn?!?! This kind of stuff shouldn't be on pornography sites at all Reply Report

pauluzzz -10 points2810 days ago

omg thats horrible! Reply Report

Lovbbws -14 points2348 days ago

Nasty sons of bitches, I hope u all die Reply Report