Japanese Vomit Sex

Japanese girl vomits all over her boyfriend while having sex with him.

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Skippie +41 points1928 days ago

Very sexy and erotic, this is something I'd like to try once in my life !!! Reply Report

theVesper +9 points1914 days ago

That has to be one of the most amazing puke videos I've ever seen. Reply Report

Japanophile +7 points1819 days ago

Wow! I have seen some puke videos before, but this one takes the cake because she is cute and sexy in it and the volume of puke is crazy! She isn't retching or gagging when she pukes or puking weird colors/textures and most of what she pukes up looks like soup, lol, so it is so easy to get hard and cum to this. Reply Report

dirtidancinboy +4 points1857 days ago

this shit is great! this boy is a bulemic's dream - she can stuff herself silly & then make a fool of him! Reply Report

alexandria76 +4 points1916 days ago

Never came this good before. Wish more amerikkkan cunts were into this tho
Reply Report

carly +4 points1854 days ago

OMG this is so hot! I would wear her vomit on me all day! Reply Report

dIEN +3 points1919 days ago

love it, would love to do it, just worried about the smells Reply Report

Truthfairy   0 points953 days ago

You should drink lots of water or milk it will help a lot with the smell.... Reply Report

wow +3 points1892 days ago

I bet her abdomen part is all stomach. . Its amazing such a petite small gurl can hold that amount of food. .. AMAZING!! Go Japan keep it up and make some more eye popping vids Reply Report

DOM +2 points1916 days ago

Thats's freaky! Must be so nice! Reply Report
for anyone who wants her name..

for anyone who wants her name.. +2 points1914 days ago

Think she's Yuuki Aoi
There are 2-3 more vids of her here..
Reply Report

Am +1 points1928 days ago

This is one fucked up video
Reply Report

troll +1 points1616 days ago

how the fuck do you manually vomit?? its not like she was gagging...such a turn on Reply Report
Funny meme

Funny meme +1 points928 days ago

I have no idea why I find this arousing, but I love it. Reply Report

Amerkkin   0 points925 days ago

Same it's weird but makes me hard Reply Report

lol   0 points1915 days ago

I lolled after first 3 seconds Reply Report

Jack   0 points1860 days ago

...... WTF Japan Reply Report

EGGO   0 points1216 days ago

Its hot..and then the NOODLES come up LMAO..Good bitch...have another bowl Reply Report

Nexus   0 points999 days ago

mmmm comme j'aimerais etre a la place du mec une bonne douche de vomi et à boire et à manger miam Reply Report

MissInformed   0 points790 days ago

HAHAH, just why? That is hilarious. Reply Report
Kogan 48

Kogan 48 -3 points1930 days ago

Whoa.... truly sick. Fucking weirdo's!!! Reply Report

iwnefi -3 points1923 days ago

that fukin noodles shit omg
Reply Report
Mad as hell

Mad as hell -3 points1915 days ago

Fucking japs... Always censor their shit. Reply Report

manatee -5 points1488 days ago

omg/the price he had to pay to get deep throat//he wasnt into being vomited in the face/i cant believe i found something sexual that does nothing for me like degradation stuff also//when she peed hot/when she sucked his nice cock hot/her tits hot/her stained bumhole hot/her face hot//but i actually got nausious at times watching this/and i watched the sex change vid and was fine lol Reply Report
Weird Pervert

Weird Pervert -1 points523 days ago

I wish I was her boyfriend. I would eat everything that comes out of her! Reply Report