Drunk Mom Anal Abused

Boy found drunken mom and took advantage of the situation by fucking her in the ass.

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lol +45 points2101 days ago

it look like she is dead O.o Reply Report

hot +4 points1663 days ago

just like when I fucked my drugged mom in both holes and cum on her ass cheeks......fucken unreal
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icon +2 points1960 days ago

fake as my wifes tits Reply Report

Milf_Raper17 +2 points1939 days ago

My favorite video...she just took it like a dead slut...all milfs should be fucked like that... Reply Report

makhm75 +2 points1697 days ago

definitely fake Reply Report

sseXxxxxx +2 points1649 days ago

you can see her moving Reply Report

xtreme +1 points1853 days ago

damn, he doesn't take care of her smelly feet. This guy is not an expert Reply Report

lamebitch +1 points1620 days ago

That shot fake af Reply Report
Your Corrupted Friend

Your Corrupted Friend +1 points31 days ago

Doesn’t everyone wish they have a hot sexy mom and that’s a drunk Reply Report
Your Corrupted Friend

Your Corrupted Friend +1 points31 days ago

She looks more dead than alive. Reply Report

real-anal-rapist +1 points14 days ago

i was raised by a single, hard-working, mom with a drinking problem and a fine, tight ass and decent set of tits so when i turned 15, on my birthday, she got home from work and started drinking like usual, so around 9:00pm, when she was good and drunk, took her to my room, pulled down her pants and told her i wanted her ass for my birthday present... she looked around like there was someone in the room and of course there wasn't and tried to put her pants back on... i grabbed her wrist and told her it was going to happen so she may as way accept it... she turned around, bent over and i've been putting my hard bare fuckstick up her hot tight shithole ever since... sometimes drunk, sometimes sober... best part is the struggle when she is sober... gonna go do her now, too! Reply Report

BitchNobber   0 points1354 days ago

He looks like example Reply Report

markopolo69   0 points746 days ago

that was such a bunch of bullshit, you now she wasn't really passed out....she was keeping her legs spread wide open on the floor....if she was really passed out, her legs wouldn't have stayed spread wide open like that

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sail902   0 points101 days ago

leave the shoes on! Reply Report

sail902   0 points101 days ago

yes of course it's fake, otherwise it would be rape! It's just fantasy obviously. Reply Report

ombudsman -1 points1996 days ago

Poori thayoleeeeee. ... Reply Report