Black Girl Sets Her Big Ass On Fire

Did she really think it wouldn't hurt?

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Dumb niggers

Dumb niggers +16 points1805 days ago

Stupd fucking nigger cunt Reply Report

FIRED_DAT_NIGGER +8 points1806 days ago


catal +5 points1807 days ago

sick niggers Reply Report
johnny rebel

johnny rebel +4 points1806 days ago

niggers huh? Reply Report

mike +4 points1806 days ago

typical Reply Report

maxa +3 points1471 days ago

fuckable ass Reply Report
hey now

hey now +2 points1804 days ago

hey now... let's forget what color is what for a second and enjoy watching this lady set her ass on fire...

Ahh... The flames of unity!
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Nasty Crackers

Nasty Crackers +2 points908 days ago

Why is white ppl here don't y'all have animals and family members to be fucking right now NASTY AS CRACKERS Reply Report

Nocturnal +1 points1704 days ago

you guys like this stuff being on these sites watching these videos talking to eachother through the comments how long will it take for me to become like you guys? I used to look for good stuff to comment about and share with my friends but now I look at the other end of the pole. very different energy here what do you enjoy on these sites? is there a reason you watch these videos? Reply Report

lolen   0 points1807 days ago

wtf is this nigga doing? Reply Report

r   0 points1807 days ago

stupid mf. Reply Report

dave   0 points1610 days ago

niggas are fucked Reply Report

Proud-NiGGER -1 points1805 days ago

LOOOOL dat shit don't burn. I have tried this so many times with alcohol. It just a warm feeling.

She was just screaming out of fear.

White ppl would have use GAS. So many weird & bizarre videos of white ppl on the internet.. you wetdog smelling racoon eaters should be the last to point the finger.
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fuck you

fuck you -1 points1699 days ago

You white people invented this shit she was just dumb enough to be influenced Reply Report
Raider Rob.

Raider Rob. -3 points1804 days ago

I guess you stupid cracker imbred rednecks never heard of the show "JACKASS" You fucking Honkies do stuff far dumber than this. Reply Report
Think of the customer

Think of the customer -6 points1674 days ago

-.- White ass bitches this is where we get this shit from but she's team light skin which am not TEAm dark skin xD Reply Report
common man

common man -7 points1804 days ago

You are doing it wrong girl! Come to me, I can set dat ass on fire without fire. Reply Report