Sick Insect Perversion

Poor japanese girl begging for mercy when these sick perverts let larvas and cockroaches crawl inside her pussy. This girl must be traumatized for life!

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Krazy K

Krazy K +35 points1868 days ago

mmm Sucks to be you Reply Report

alexandria76 +16 points1867 days ago

serious jackin going on here Reply Report
some guy

some guy +15 points1867 days ago

well, she did sign up for it Reply Report

loveiswaiting +11 points1834 days ago

Oh, I love this video! Wish I loved in Japan, I'd let them do this to me for free! Reply Report
BDSM Lover

BDSM Lover +11 points1226 days ago

Some insects should be put inside the ass also :) Reply Report

WTFISTHISSHIAT +10 points1866 days ago

Can't they eat her from inside?! :@ so disgusting Reply Report

wait...what?? +9 points1653 days ago

how th fuck is she gonna get them out though,lol Reply Report

Blaster +8 points1867 days ago

She will dead??? Reply Report

N3CRO +8 points1850 days ago

fucking bastards -.- Reply Report

Psycho-Sex-666 +7 points1867 days ago

Nice ! Real Nice ! Reply Report
mr japan

mr japan +7 points1867 days ago

very Stupidity porn Reply Report
Glory to Japan

Glory to Japan +7 points1562 days ago

I cum so hard..I think the screaming makes me hard as hell.
Reply Report

debbyryan1330 +7 points1023 days ago

I would have the mealworms in me gladly Reply Report

Fastandhard +5 points990 days ago

I would love to stuff them in your pussy and let u feel them crawling inside you Reply Report

gunner3665 +5 points1867 days ago

Those must be some happy meal-worms. Reply Report

Mealworms +5 points1607 days ago

These aren't maggots (which bore into flesh), these are mealworms which only eat cereals/flour etc. Reply Report

Adriana +4 points1765 days ago

Well done. Great stuff. It excites me. I've always wanted to do it.
If you ever find myself in that situation, I'll just lie down and enjoy.
I'll do this any time for free.

Reply Report

no +4 points1855 days ago

sorry for her Reply Report

kyris +4 points1637 days ago

wats the full video name? Reply Report

freemeuf +3 points1867 days ago

It seem she don't like it... disturbing. Even if she did sign up, you can change your mind at the last minute... Reply Report
No more angry

No more angry +3 points1563 days ago

Quit getting angry at the guys doing it. Stupid bitch obviously agreed to it before hand, seeing how she's just sitting there and taking it. And she needs to shit the hell up. Making too much noise! Reply Report

Oh. +3 points1521 days ago

The only thing I'm concerned with is the cleanliness of this. Meal worms have to shit too. Reply Report

blahhebdhd +2 points1829 days ago

Fucking sickk WHAT THE FUCK Reply Report
professor genki

professor genki +2 points1434 days ago

I love genten films to ^·^ Reply Report

Sick!!!! +2 points1687 days ago

Sick!!!! Reply Report

Gross +1 points1640 days ago

Nasty as fuck Reply Report

WTFDIJW   0 points1049 days ago

that guy ron

that guy ron +1 points1633 days ago

beautiful video.. loved it
Reply Report

magnus666   0 points1837 days ago

well these people must be more perverts than the people who like 2girls1cup and tubgirl Reply Report

Vetia   0 points1743 days ago

I'm sure she deserves it. Reply Report

painpuppy   0 points1677 days ago

Well I loved it. I've shot my load on this one more times than I can remember. I would love to see the full video Reply Report

nastyboinyc   0 points87 days ago

Hot! Pour them in my ass! Reply Report

Bobbywobby   0 points492 days ago

Cool Reply Report

fingermybellend -1 points1668 days ago

i put a funal doun my bellend and stuft them doun my cock thay bight like hell so nice Reply Report
blah blah blah

blah blah blah -1 points1653 days ago

hahaha,thats so disgustingly awful yet funny. Reply Report

slurm -1 points1642 days ago

EW what the fuck is wrong with people.. this isn't even a fetish this is just sick... there fucking maggots
Reply Report
aut perv

aut perv -1 points587 days ago

What a waste of insects.
Reply Report

a -4 points1642 days ago

EW what the fuck is wrong with people.. this isn't even a fetish this is just sick... there fucking maggots Reply Report

Nandayo -18 points1869 days ago

ひどかったよ…めちゃくちゃ気持ちわるい、 Reply Report

Kiona -269 points1867 days ago

This is the most disgusting thing ever
these sick perverts should die
Reply Report