Man Milking Machine

Electro torture board for milking a cock.

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explorer +16 points1353 days ago

And there you'll stay until you've filled the cup!! No touching, no sounds, you just use your dirty mind to "jerk off", you horny dick, you! And you better hurry too, because I want that cup full before it starts to coagulate and dry, I want it FRESH! So you get GOING now, GO GO GO, I mean, COME, CUM, CUM, CUM!! I'm in the service of the Queen of Cum, and you don't want to be you if you displease her! So CUM, I tell you, CUM!!.. NOW!!.. ANd now CUM AGAIN! Until the cup is full! Then will we let you go....IF you're good, you good for nothing slave dick! I use you for my own satisfaction, and always will. You are MADE for slavery to the Queen of your CUM. Reply Report

deaththekid   0 points494 days ago

I'm always looking forward to read your commend when I found one mate. :D Reply Report

wichser +10 points2221 days ago

Non-Member Rosi schrieb: "Sein Schwanz sollte so 1 Stunde zum Opfern gezwungen werden" die idee ist hervorragend. Ich hoffe das er dabei nur ausläuft und das orgasmussgefühl gänzlich ausbleibt. Reply Report

rockhard +6 points2222 days ago

I wanna try that!! Reply Report

raymond504 +5 points2221 days ago

I would love to try this. Reply Report
premature ejaculator

premature ejaculator +5 points2124 days ago

thats superb ! hes lucky id love to try it but would cum immediatly! Reply Report

Beate +3 points2121 days ago

Mein Alter muss das ertragen. Non Member Wichser zur Information. Sein Rekord steht bei 69 Minuten. Reply Report

equipment +3 points1827 days ago

where do i find the equipment for that? Reply Report

gunner3665 +2 points2216 days ago

Perfect for a sperm bank. Reply Report

Loki +2 points1879 days ago

I found this surprisingly more arousing than expected!
Reply Report

Shit_world +2 points1779 days ago

Is that a new German weapon, to take the cum out of prisoners? Reply Report

Zenit_boy +2 points1432 days ago

I volunteer as tribute :) Reply Report

tankhung +2 points1046 days ago

I fucking love estim. I just wish I had a women to use the controls.
Reply Report

shawna127 +2 points458 days ago

I feel for the guy, a hand job and a glass would have been much more gratifying for the poor guy and a lot less humiliating. Never mind the time it would take to hook up. How much juice does one guy have? Reply Report
fuck the state

fuck the state +1 points2222 days ago

how cum ? Reply Report

bosver +1 points2222 days ago

i wanna mistress for this make me Reply Report

juergenmann +1 points2221 days ago

Non-Member Wichser hat ja so recht - mir gefällt die idee sehr Reply Report

perv_pen +1 points1944 days ago

grossartig! wie baue ich so etwas, bibt es ne anleitung? Reply Report

cbtlouis +1 points1850 days ago

Excellent video Reply Report

melmak2005 +1 points1685 days ago

würde mich auch zum abmelken zur verfügung stellen
Reply Report

smally +1 points1087 days ago

Great invention Reply Report
i am

i am   0 points2222 days ago

thats so fucking sexy Reply Report

Cumswallower   0 points609 days ago

I wanna have that machine. Where can I buy it? So can use it for milking a lot of guys and drinking cum mmmm. Reply Report

sadpup   0 points651 days ago

Oh I want to try this! Reply Report

keith17701   0 points508 days ago

Reply Report

sadpup   0 points493 days ago

I wish I was plugged like that for an entire day :) Reply Report

tscis5   0 points110 days ago

looks good to me
next please
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Rosi -2 points2227 days ago

Sein Schwanz sollte so 1 Stunde zum Opfern gezwungen werden. Reply Report