Crying Webcam Girl

Cam whore crying because she doesn't receive enough money for her show.

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LOL +36 points2431 days ago

This is hilarious Reply Report

Gtgtrf +17 points2028 days ago

Telling her to go and die was a bit harsh Reply Report

eyeswideshut +17 points2047 days ago

"you don't contribute to society" says the woman who takes her clothes off on the internet to charm people out of money that do actual jobs to earn Reply Report

monster3177 +13 points1470 days ago

Don't know what the people on her site were talking about she is fucking hot,they where just being trolls same as some people on this site they need to grow up a realize that everyone has feelings, you never now what some folks have been through, wish i knew her I'd try to get with her in a heart beat everybody needs love. Reply Report

:/ +12 points2390 days ago

She's....not that fat. Reply Report
I Broke Her Arm

I Broke Her Arm +9 points2156 days ago

She's a perfect specimen to have tied to a pole in public so everybody could do what they please to her. If somebody wants to break her arm again? That's fine. But I know for sure that I'd fuck her in the ass until she bleeds and cries for days. Reply Report

:/ +7 points2390 days ago

Poor baby. I want to hug her. Reply Report

lolol +4 points2164 days ago

Nina jaymes, Reply Report

... +4 points2032 days ago

tits or gtfo Reply Report

Kullprit +4 points279 days ago

I thought fat people were supposed to be jolly Reply Report

god +3 points1937 days ago

"god forgot about me" - he doesnt exist u dumb whore. Reply Report

??? +10 points1846 days ago

Then why call yourself God. Reply Report

Jizz-Wh0re +2 points2396 days ago

she has serious mental issues wow. thats pretty sad. if you ask me. Reply Report
That guy

That guy +2 points2162 days ago

I shouldn't have dumped her.... Reply Report

goonsta +1 points2411 days ago

That bitch is crazy as hell Reply Report

:/ +1 points2390 days ago

Seriously, what's with the fucking arseholes on the chat. Dicks. Reply Report
i would treat her

i would treat her +1 points2385 days ago

right. here is something that dumbasses and assholes don't understand. Treat a woman right and show her respect, love, and affection, and like her you will get it back.

Be honest and tell her what you like in and out of bed and she will be more than happy to indulge. All they want is respect, affection, and love. NOT DIFFICULT.

In return if you want anal, whips, spankings, they will get anal whipped and spanked, for those a-holes out there that think that way.

Just be decent people and shit comes your way.
Reply Report
lost boner

lost boner +1 points1825 days ago

Now im depressed Reply Report

d +1 points1821 days ago

This fuck up not funny Reply Report

originalog +1 points462 days ago

Stay in school you stupid cunt...There are no shortcuts in life! lol Reply Report
ali vajay

ali vajay +1 points401 days ago

she is illiterate american Reply Report

Psodidnrh +1 points388 days ago

Isn’t this that same crazy from Arizona that got arrested for stalking the millionaire in paradise valley? Reply Report

rdfsafdsnksfd +1 points324 days ago

"Death by dildo"
Reply Report
Old Fling

Old Fling   0 points1224 days ago

I met Nina once at a strip club in Tampa FL about a decade ago. She used a literal TON of makeup to cover up some bad bad skin... Guess that's why she uses to soft filter now... Also, she always told me how much she hated everyone trying to fuck her ass - so she bought those big fake titties! Reply Report
sweet sin

sweet sin -1 points2139 days ago

i work on that site! it
s streamate and she was going for a gold show lmao wow i wanna know who that is id pay to watch her lol and yes im a female ;D
Reply Report

burn -1 points1996 days ago

Look! The STD receptacle is crying.
Pathetic! ROFL!!!
Reply Report

lmao -1 points1540 days ago

Hey this bitch should be grateful, she made 15 bucks. 15 more than I would of paid for that ass.

I mean, I don't really know what this woman's major fuck up is but I am guessing it has something to do with her parents being related.
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registered sex offender

registered sex offender -1 points1463 days ago

She never the be raped and beaten Reply Report

FUCKING NINA -2 points2135 days ago

Lol I fucking love Nina so much. Such a dumb fucking cunt. I thoroughly enjoy watching her rage, I could watch these videos all god damn day long. Reply Report

greiguk -2 points2181 days ago

whats her username? i want to make love to her Reply Report

Shame -3 points1957 days ago

haha! u foolish slut Reply Report

lol -4 points2380 days ago

I know this live webcam site looks so familiar but forgot the name, And exactly this is what she will get from people if she do emotion on cam in that kinda website lol Wish i was there lol xD Reply Report

tony -4 points2362 days ago

jesus,what a loser Reply Report
Troll face

Troll face -4 points2087 days ago

Lol, bro you mad?
Reply Report

jerseyman34 -6 points2301 days ago

complete and utter nut job ! Reply Report

ChanArmy -7 points2156 days ago

people need 2 stay off /b/ XD Reply Report

icbm222 -13 points2364 days ago

God didn't forget about you. He's waiting patiently for you to reach out to him. He loves you, and does not judge you. Reach out to him. Reply Report