Old Man Dies During Cam Show

Skip to the 10:00-mark to see when his wife finds him. This old man, username bill15475, led a double life. He was married to the woman in the video, but both online and offline, he was obsessed with sucking dick and swallowing cum. He had a profile on a site called Silver Daddies where he went on and on about how much he loved to suck dicks, loved to swallow cum, wanted to be discreet and promised others he'd be discreet, and didn't care if it was in public or not. He'd even suck your dick without you having to reciprocate. He died on the night of May 22, 2017 while live-streaming on Chaturbate. The video was recorded by someone watching it once they realized he wasn't alive anymore.

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. +25 points439 days ago

At least he died doing what he liked to do Reply Report

polovnikova +18 points438 days ago

At least he died doing what he liked to do Reply Report

+14 points439 days ago

he died, but his dick flickers on Reply Report

truefact -10 points439 days ago

cause he aint dead. the dick becomes bigger by pumping blood into it, which means he aint dead. unless u are having a brainfart that stopped the brain but let the heart continue. Reply Report
iq of 12

iq of 12 +10 points438 days ago

you wanna try and seem smart but it back fired now u look REAL dumb haha terminal erection look it up brook Reply Report
ayu lmao

ayu lmao +10 points439 days ago

Bill...Bill? BILL? BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY Reply Report

rguess511 +5 points439 days ago

Watched a guy die while jacking at a XXX theater years ago. Imagine what his family thought when they got the news
Reply Report

vajesus +5 points438 days ago

Nice cock he has though. Would have enjoyed sucking that old man dick Reply Report

PhilipJFry   0 points424 days ago

You pervert Reply Report

vajesus +3 points423 days ago

You'd jerk off to it if it were up on heavy Reply Report
Will Blow

Will Blow +3 points438 days ago

Bill Headluver passed away today with dignity surrounded by friends. He is cumming to the lord, he will be sadly missed by Dick, Peter, John Handcock, and Glory Hole. Reply Report

Weewee   0 points278 days ago

@Will Blow

Reply Report
Potent pervert

Potent pervert +1 points428 days ago

His oid cock was probably stinking really bad Reply Report
Mad mark

Mad mark +1 points438 days ago

Austin Powers: He was done in by the hand of doom. Reply Report
Dr. Nick Riviera

Dr. Nick Riviera +1 points438 days ago

The wife had no clue what do doe: shouting and trying to put underwear on, misstiping the 911 number and after several minutes she begins heart massage. Reply Report
RIP Dude

RIP Dude +1 points435 days ago

RIP Dude Reply Report

Lincman   0 points384 days ago

Ha ha.. Reply Report

Loic555   0 points439 days ago

Bad End... Reply Report
Mad mark

Mad mark   0 points438 days ago

Austin Powers: He was dead set on a happy ending. Reply Report
Mad mark

Mad mark   0 points438 days ago

Austin Powers: He was coming, and going. Reply Report
Micky Dick Mouse

Micky Dick Mouse   0 points438 days ago

Touch his Dick and stroke it maybe he will wake up? Reply Report

vajesus +3 points430 days ago

Would totally suck his cock to life Reply Report
Mad mark

Mad mark   0 points437 days ago

Austin Powers: We hardly knew him. Reply Report

MissInformed   0 points437 days ago

What the fuck is shouting and screaming gonna do? I'm not an unemotional person but I don't get screaming out someone's name over and over. Also why didn't she just dial 911? Reply Report

kinkycynic   0 points427 days ago

You can see that his chest is heaving, he's not dead. Reply Report

kinkycynic   0 points427 days ago

Poor woman, she must have been traumatized after that Reply Report

GhostNet   0 points427 days ago

Feel really sad for his wife.Poor woman. Reply Report
Eyes redder than Satan\'s dick

Eyes redder than Satan\'s dick   0 points426 days ago

She should have sucked his cock. I bet that would have brought him back. Reply Report

hippityhoppity   0 points424 days ago

You can see his dick progressively between the 5 6 and 7 minute marks! Reply Report
Alex X

Alex X   0 points249 days ago

O..M...G... Reply Report
Aluka 420

Aluka 420   0 points249 days ago

Hello .. I am searching him "bill15475" in Silver Daddies website but not found. I have a Silver Daddies account... Plz... Can anyone give me his profile link? Reply Report
crazy kid

crazy kid   0 points221 days ago

his dick turning violet Reply Report

bothwaysbbw   0 points142 days ago

RIP Bill. So sorry for his wife and fans. He looked strangely at peace I thought. Reply Report

666Satan666   0 points141 days ago

Wish she would suck his cock Reply Report

missaddisonrose   0 points111 days ago

AWWWWW Little Cumm Dumpster Bitch gott hard on the 5 min mark HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Reply Report
You assholes

You assholes   0 points54 days ago

Take this off your site you heartless parasites..SHAME! Reply Report

Ryu2009 -2 points439 days ago

wiso zur hölle stellt man sowas Online? das ist doch Krank.
sowas hat im netz nichts zu suchen!!!!
Reply Report

BleiFry +3 points438 days ago

Hahaha da hat wohl einer noch nicht mal die ganzen Terror und Exekutionsvideos gesehen.. Arme Seele, hat null Ahnung vom Leben.. Reply Report

BleiFry -1 points430 days ago

und du dummes schwein bist stolz drauf das gesehen zu haben ? und nun meinst du ahnung vom leben zu haben ? junge junge der hellste bist du echt nicht -.- an dir sieht man warum inzest verboten ist ! trottel! Reply Report

CannibalLover -1 points439 days ago

Willkommen in der Realität Reply Report

Yappissss -3 points438 days ago

Well I think he is going straight to hell Reply Report

afry -4 points439 days ago

Lach mich kaput, Bill du alter Schwanzlutscher !!! Du hast mein tag geretet ! Reply Report
Baal omega

Baal omega -8 points439 days ago

So this bitch thinks it's a good thing to squeel like a dying pig;;;imagine he wake up;;;he could die of a heart attack again cause of the horrific loud squeel shit; Reply Report

Optic_Cumshot -9 points439 days ago

You're my boy Bill... Reply Report

Frank357 -12 points439 days ago

Like so much other things nowadays:
Fake 'news'!. click bait, w.h.y.
Reply Report
iq of 12

iq of 12 -3 points438 days ago

the education you did not receive was also fake, see the letter i in receive? It came after the e :D rlly tho i dunno who i feel worse for u or Bills poor wife Reply Report

Mr. TRUMP +6 points438 days ago

Its not fake..real shit Reply Report