Sexy Meth Girl

Never try meth, unless you wanna end up looking like this girl.

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seriously +8 points2148 days ago

why the fuck would anyone ever do that to themselves Reply Report

Doc +7 points2148 days ago

Seems shes not the only one on meth..
Look at the doctor
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Tyler and Rex

Tyler and Rex +6 points2101 days ago

Something about her, makes me want to punch her in her fucking face.. Reply Report

Smeagol +5 points2111 days ago

GOLLUM GOLLUM... my Precious Reply Report
fuck my whore ass hard while i smoke crystal and b

fuck my whore ass hard while i smoke crystal and b +5 points1710 days ago

i love fucking on meth or coke or adderall but only if there are at least two big cocks to fuck my holes and turn me out. love blowing a fat line and feeling my asshole stretch to take a hard fat cock. fuck me for a while, then i'll smoke some more crystal and spread my fuckholes wide for as many hard cocks as i can get. fucking love tweaking out, taking another cock in my pussy while my asshole gets drilled, like a proper little fuckslut. i've got a nice big glass buttplug filling my drugged up asshole right now and i'm going to keep doing bumps and grind that asshole down on it until i'm nice and stretched out so I can do a hit and slam an even bigger dildo in my tweaked out asshole tonight. my girlfriends and some hard fucktoy cocks are coming over to for a nasty, wet, meth fuck orgy. i'm love getting my girlfriends high and riding my dripping cunt down on their faces while their slut holes get used by all those hard cocks, hard and brutal and deep and nasty. get high and get fucked, like proper little tweeker whores love. Reply Report
Tweakn' Jack

Tweakn' Jack   0 points1130 days ago

I'm in love! Reply Report
Lord of The Things - 61193

Lord of The Things - 61193 +3 points2101 days ago

One drug to fool them all, One drug to wind them,
One drug to bring them all and in the darkness bind them..
We need to get all the drugs to Mordor! And fast!
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crazy +2 points2134 days ago

Bitch look like zombie Reply Report

plasticpaper +2 points1882 days ago

This isn't what happens when you take Meth, It's what happens when you don't take your anti-psychotics. Reply Report

Lovestospooge +2 points1827 days ago

Get that bitch a priest! Reply Report

Sorter +1 points2148 days ago

She reminds me of Rubber Johnny. Reply Report

slop +1 points2148 days ago

this looks like fun Reply Report
just a non-member

just a non-member +1 points2121 days ago

wtf Reply Report
Dead Inside

Dead Inside +1 points1723 days ago

Would be fun to anal rape Reply Report

Chalkie +1 points1487 days ago

That other hole is where they put that krokodil. Reply Report

22   0 points2141 days ago

I want my dick in her mouth NOW Reply Report

mit   0 points1512 days ago

I know there's a point to be made here,I just can't figure it out. Reply Report

Stars   0 points1398 days ago

Now I know what they used in Exorcism movies... Reply Report

tradog   0 points490 days ago

sexy thumbnail Reply Report

7777iionh6   0 points378 days ago

Reply Report

roguemanx   0 points178 days ago

I'd hit it! Reply Report

sfbs -1 points2139 days ago

i love meth <3 Reply Report

Joe -2 points2083 days ago

I actually saw her on Reply Report

? -2 points1863 days ago

Why are her clothes off, maybe they're sickos that have been torturing her and shes brain damaged? Reply Report

To -4 points2021 days ago

This is rabies. Not meth Reply Report