Meth is a hell of a drug!

This should be a warning to all to never go near this stuff.

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LOL +30 points2545 days ago

She was so fucked I agree this shit ruins your life and your friends and families lives never do it it is not worth it just smoke weed :) Reply Report
holy shit

holy shit +10 points2539 days ago

poor woman Reply Report

Anon +9 points2542 days ago

Gollem wants his precious! Reply Report
Lord of The Things - 61193

Lord of The Things - 61193 +8 points2169 days ago

One drug to fool them all, One drug to wind them,
One drug to bring them all and in the darkness bind them..
We need to get all the drugs to Mordor! And fast!
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mike +4 points2522 days ago

wow she 's a hottie !!!! like to do her doggie and lick the back of her neck...!!!!! Reply Report
Of Membership

Of Membership +4 points2471 days ago

I didn't know that the zombies in Michael Jacksons 'Thriller' video actually spoke.
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sosovac +3 points2538 days ago

fuck this man... I get scared watching it! Reply Report

kbird1 +3 points1827 days ago

“Eighty to 90 percent of people who use crack and methamphetamine don’t get addicted,” said Dr. Hart, an associate professor of psychology. “And the small number who do become addicted are nothing like the popular caricatures.” “If you’re living in a poor neighborhood deprived of options, there’s a certain rationality to keep taking a drug that will give you some temporary pleasure,”“The key factor is the environment, whether you’re talking about humans or rats,” Dr. Hart said. “The rats that keep pressing the lever for cocaine are the ones who are stressed out because they’ve been raised in solitary conditions and have no other options. But when you enrich their environment, and give them access to sweets and let them play with other rats, they stop pressing the lever.” “He’s not saying that drug abuse isn’t harmful, but he’s showing that drugs don’t turn people into lunatics. They can stop using drugs when provided with alternative reinforcers.” “Addiction always has a social element, and this is magnified in societies with little in the way of work or other ways to find fulfillment.” “Eighty to 90 percent of people are not negatively affected by drugs, but in the scientific literature nearly 100 percent of the reports are negative,” It’s much simpler for politicians and journalists to focus on the evils of a drug than to grapple with the underlying social problems. Reply Report
fucking sad

fucking sad +3 points1750 days ago

she needs help poor woman, otherwise she will die within a month Reply Report
Sycamore Woods

Sycamore Woods +2 points2528 days ago

Holy fucking shit. That is disgusting. Reply Report

Crisis +2 points1456 days ago

The only medecine she needs is a big cock in her ass to stop her moving madly... Reply Report

valdemingomez   0 points2340 days ago

¡En peores plazas hemos toreao!
¿Es que no se venden tranquimazines en EE.UU?
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slaper   0 points2164 days ago

wanna fuck dat bitch upskirt Reply Report

whoatheretiger   0 points2095 days ago

Lol she can't stop moving Reply Report

ddd   0 points2011 days ago

wow how fucked up is this
this bitch is crazy
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Raunchy fart maker

Raunchy fart maker   0 points46 days ago

Yeah but I'd still hit it Reply Report
I do meth every day!

I do meth every day!   0 points1820 days ago

And I dnt act like I? Reply Report

Boner   0 points1644 days ago

I was thinking golem too. Reply Report
Hombre blanco

Hombre blanco   0 points1351 days ago

Tried it three times decided I didn't like it got tricked the first time smoked it for real the second and the third I ingested it after that I couldn't function properly so I went to a doctor got some Medecine and I've never tried it since full cognitive recovery took about a week and a half so that's my two cents. Reply Report
Don't Do it Kids

Don't Do it Kids   0 points1416 days ago

Say no to meth Reply Report
Guest Mage

Guest Mage   0 points114 days ago

She is hot at i was hoping to see some of that body and or feet Reply Report
Is Not A Member

Is Not A Member -2 points1991 days ago

Meth: Not Even Once Reply Report