Drunk girl fucked after party

She begs him to stop, but he doesn't listen. This is what you get for going home with big black guys.

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Öh no

Öh no +41 points1997 days ago

She's never going to be beautiful again..... Reply Report
Fucking Niggers

Fucking Niggers +9 points1866 days ago

Yeah, she has aids now, only way a black guy can fuck a white girl is through date rape. It terrible this is what the world is coming too, I feel so bad for her parents. Reply Report

Rebecca +2 points1813 days ago

She is lucky! I'm so jealous she got that beautiful black! I love black men. White guys are so lame and have no rhythm. Reply Report

ninja +2 points1726 days ago

I would like to watch him fuck my drunk wife tight little pussy Reply Report

jannybh +2 points1573 days ago

Imagine he knocked her up with blck babee and she can´t remember and thinks it´s from her whte bf. Reply Report

steve +1 points1364 days ago

Is there a longer video for this? Reply Report

angelique21 +1 points1109 days ago

Well I think it's a pity she wasn't sober enough to enjoy it properly. I NEVER get wasted if I know I am going to have a sex session. I like to enjoy every second of it. Reply Report

Hey +3 points880 days ago

He probably put some kind of drug in her drink and raping her Reply Report
Young Lady

Young Lady   0 points1898 days ago

This is why niggers should work in the fields.. I'd rather them be in jail getting raped by each other.. or just string 'em up. Reply Report
Big homie

Big homie -3 points519 days ago

Can't take the dick run bitch cause us niggas gonna give it now string that up Bitches HAHAHA Reply Report
The truth

The truth -1 points1315 days ago

At least they don't rape little girls and boys! Lol white people....... Reply Report

Ewww   0 points1866 days ago

Black guys love white girls and black girls love white guys. White people are just so much better than nigs. Reply Report
old top

old top   0 points1675 days ago

add crying and lets get it over and its my first wife and her sister in bed. and so many want a horse cock. Trust me women want pleasure and not her guts poked. Got tied of hearing, "you are not putting that in me" the single mom of 3 next door seemed to enjoy it. She told me most nights right after my shower. Reply Report

HATE   0 points1161 days ago


american -1 points1783 days ago

have head this many times. Having a horse cock is not as much fun as it sounds. Crying and making me stop. Some telling me I can not put that in her. made me fuck a lot of older women for pleasure. already broken in and willign to take me. Reply Report

Panky -1 points620 days ago

Best sex video ever seen Reply Report

kkk -2 points1930 days ago

Here we go again, now we have the black disease spreading. Worthless niggers cant even support kids but still fuck. Dont we all wish they would get off of welfare and get jobs? Reply Report
Prince Alexander Rockefeller

Prince Alexander Rockefeller -2 points1997 days ago

You kno she called him back for that dick the next weekend lol. Silly white girl, small ducks are kids!
Reply Report

Billy -2 points1872 days ago

One uv my favorites Reply Report
Big nigga

Big nigga -2 points1739 days ago

White girls love the dick thats why we take em! Reply Report

hahaha -2 points1223 days ago

All dudes become jealous because black got a best pussy lol Reply Report

lol -3 points1998 days ago

fucking nigger, she will have aids now. Reply Report

X -4 points1997 days ago

You're ridiculous, you white baby dicks lol Reply Report

LOL -4 points1894 days ago

To all the idiots still mixing racism with porn, I would like to add. White people fuck little boys. Reply Report
Non member

Non member -3 points1334 days ago

What's the best way to get a nigger out of a tree? Cut the rope! Reply Report
black and proud

black and proud -4 points1829 days ago

hahahah dumb white crack girl got fucked real hard..hahahah black power...she asked for it lol Reply Report
Try me boy

Try me boy -1 points879 days ago

Come to Southport street in Baltimore so I can kill you. Nobody should be raped and especially a white girl buy some monkey Reply Report
a NATIVE american

a NATIVE american -4 points1654 days ago

Now he has HERPES or SMALL POX Reply Report

FUCKING CRACKERS -4 points654 days ago

Why the fuck are most of your crack asses even mad! Are you mad that this black guy has a bigger cock then you or are you mad that he gets more white bitches then you? There you guys are talking about hanging him and shit crazy ass motherfuckers! This guy right here is fucking your women and your women like it. At least s actually fucking a human being and not A FUCKING Dog! fucking cracker looking ass bitches get the fuck outta here and go shoot up a school or something that's something you guys are good at also smoking meth FUCK YOU THINK Reply Report
What a pathetic lay.

What a pathetic lay. -5 points1997 days ago

You know he just wanted to nut on the prude - "I think your hurting me?" Dumb bitch how can you think your being hurt. She just wanted to justify the fuck. Reply Report

marshavon -5 points1964 days ago

If a girl wants to run with the big boys she better be ready to play the part of thier bitch! Reply Report
Black male

Black male -5 points1739 days ago

LOL u jelous crakers are mad because your women love the King Kong dick haha small dick whiteboys we are taking over!! Reply Report

1488 +1 points361 days ago

Dumb rat poor niggers, skin you all pussys Reply Report

Dom   0 points880 days ago

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Kat   0 points880 days ago

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Fubar +2 points898 days ago

Do you know how the saying "crackers" originated? It came from the sound of the whip cracking when your ancestors were being whipped. Reply Report

hahaha -5 points1223 days ago

All dudes become jealous because black got a best pussy lol Reply Report

tre -6 points1792 days ago

shut up white trash all mad yall aint got big dicks like us Reply Report
I'm a boy

I'm a boy -8 points1996 days ago

I wish that black dick was inside of me Reply Report

Crown -10 points1931 days ago

Bow down 2 da black prick hatters Reply Report