Drunk Abuse

Wasted party girl fell into the wrong hands at school party. These boys took her too their room before she passed out drunk. Poor girl even didnt notice the camera at all.

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Badbadaboom +74 points1107 days ago

She look pretty spry when she jumps around for doggy, can't be that drunk. Reply Report

chokeurangel +16 points1106 days ago

this got me so wet Reply Report
darapist :)

darapist :) +13 points1106 days ago

i would have been doin her asshole Reply Report

lolakiss   0 points284 days ago

Mmmm Reply Report

shockwave +12 points1107 days ago

i bet her fathers' proud lol Reply Report

APT21 +12 points1107 days ago

Oh dear!
A footballer got jailed in the UK for rape that was in the same circumstances as this. The Court stated that although she participated she was "Too drunk to give consent"
And the guy can clearly been seen. Get a good lawyer dude.
Reply Report

ANC +3 points1107 days ago

Especially when she find out its all over the net. Reply Report

xXInfinityDukeXx +6 points1107 days ago

Wow Man XD Reply Report

duhhh.... +5 points1106 days ago

This is a CFF video from years ago....... Reply Report
Toby Jugg

Toby Jugg +3 points1107 days ago

She'd have sobered up with a very sore rectum & the inability to shit properly for a week...........But that's just me. Reply Report

xXWtHhhXxx +3 points1036 days ago

So many people like "rape isnt ok, this is so wrong" blah blah, then why are you clicking the category then says "RAPE" and watching the RAPE video and commenting on the rape video. its like saying rape is bad but im just watching it to let everyone know this is wrong to watch. lol.. anyways kinda weak video. 5/10 at best Reply Report
Sugar baby

Sugar baby +2 points535 days ago

God, this makes my pussy all wet..I would love for someone to take advantage of me.. treat me like a dirty little fuck toy.. Reply Report

ewi +1 points1106 days ago

she pregnant now. Reply Report

sbasndmsnmedsrmsm +1 points178 days ago

she is hot but he looks like an inbred. and who the fuck would film his friend while he is fucking... especially film his asshole? wtf. Reply Report
raghead sniper

raghead sniper   0 points1106 days ago

she got what she deserved Reply Report

Nigh +10 points310 days ago

And what would that be? She deserved what? To be raped cuz she drank? Ok so next time you drink too much I'll fuck you in the ass with a broom handle. Reply Report

Dgnn   0 points953 days ago

Get some guy!!! :) good for him Reply Report

qqqqq   0 points662 days ago

wtf is this Reply Report

SarahJBarbie   0 points233 days ago

Ahh I love when this happens to meeee! Reply Report

Boop   0 points189 days ago

It's fake like 90% of videos here Reply Report

BABABABABABABABABA -2 points754 days ago

I always dream about this stuff, going to college with a enhanced 12 inch dick and finding a drunk enough girl at a party to rape and impregnate for hours. Reply Report

Anonymous -5 points1105 days ago

Rape is NOT okay. Know the difference between fantasy;fetish;Bdsm and rape. KNOW the fucking difference. This is what they should teach in Heath and Sex ED. Oh, and fuck off trolls and horrible people that are going to click the "-" sign or comment "Rape is fun" etc. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE. Reply Report
Ungiven Fuck

Ungiven Fuck +1 points553 days ago

Rape is fun ! Reply Report

Rick -6 points1101 days ago

She had nice feet. They didn't show the cum shot. If he cum inside of her pussy, good for him and if he didn't sucks to be him. I would of cum deep inside of her pussy and got her hot drunk ass pregnant. Reply Report

Nijj +4 points310 days ago

Why? So she can drain your ass of your entire savings account? Reply Report

frankw265 -11 points1107 days ago

Rape is not sexy! Lack of affirmation is the same as a denial. But, she's not failing to participate and she doesn't seem inchoherent or otherwise incapable of saying no; therefore, this is not so much abuse after all.Bad camera. No cumshot! No blowjob! Weak. Reply Report