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This is how Japanese families are made.

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hashimiko nakanoto

hashimiko nakanoto +7 points1748 days ago

simone you dumb mother fucker this is a TV show in japan. but its not aired on normal channels, its only aired on adult channels. and their not actors because they have to prove that you are a family before you can go on the show. watch it in full on the internet its an hour long. dumb ass Reply Report

muffin +2 points1644 days ago

I hate how the girls always make so much noise. Just shut up and enjoy it! Reply Report

Superchicken +1 points1868 days ago

Was someone suggesting that this was an actual Japanese TV show? Japanese TV may be a bit more risque than American TV, but it hasn't yet come to this. Reply Report

ilikecookies2 +1 points1672 days ago

Did i here oto-san, as in, father? Oka-san, too? ...I cam a little bit...! Reply Report
ok simone..

ok simone..   0 points2159 days ago

Listen carefuly because I'll say it only once : you're a dumb slut ! This is not a tv show, you fucking retard, this their favorite kind of porn movie...Like a simulated tv show, but its not...they are porn actors Reply Report
fuck the state

fuck the state   0 points2153 days ago

this is the yakuza version of drunken twister !!! Reply Report

jees -1 points965 days ago

This is some weird fucking shit, what the fuck is wrong with you jappies... Reply Report