Japanese TV Sex Game

Bizzarre Japanese sex game show where a guy has to guess which of the covered girls is his girlfriend. The lucky guy is presented with various girls showing only their spread pussy - He has to fuck all of them and guess which of them is his beloved.

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Meep +70 points1722 days ago

Why can't that happen to me for fuck sakes Reply Report

static +3 points1385 days ago

i dont know man Reply Report

xd +14 points1672 days ago

Because you dont have a girlfriend Reply Report

derp +12 points1673 days ago

Thats his "mother", "older sister", "younger sister". Reply Report

ieri -5 points1672 days ago

Lol racist but funny Reply Report

Really +5 points1603 days ago

Wait he really fucked his own family ?! Reply Report

J-Pop +2 points1595 days ago

well, its Japan and allowed.. all family members can bath together naked in one bathroom at the same time.. Japanese don't have any "shy" word in their life dictionary.. no wonder a few of them had a "taste" to have a sex with otoosan(father), okaasan(mother), oneesan(eldersister), imootosan(youngersister), oniisan(elderbrother).. come visit Japan and you'll be able to watch penis and vagina festival for free..hoho Reply Report

j-pop +5 points1642 days ago

he fucked up his own mother.. on his right his younger sister while on his left his elder sister.. his younger sister cried at the end due to can`t longer watching her elder sister in pain fucked by his brother.. Reply Report

insect +3 points1673 days ago

This is not a fucking game show ! This just a fucking insect jav ! I know cause i speak japanese ! Reply Report

- +3 points763 days ago

To be fair, I can't even tell them apart when I see their faces. Reply Report

smh +1 points1672 days ago

what was that girl saying in the ending? was that his gf? Reply Report

Mmmmm   0 points1672 days ago

Wtf Reply Report

simon1simon1   0 points1552 days ago

Looks fun to me ! Reply Report
jap pussy da best

jap pussy da best -1 points613 days ago

fuck your gf while you finger two other girls at the same time... not cheating ftw Reply Report
nasty business

nasty business +2 points613 days ago

he got it wrong.. so they gonna chop his dick off after the game show Reply Report

notmuslim   0 points211 days ago

@nasty business they are not muslim Reply Report