Toilet Cam Turn Off

Hot girl goes for a shit and didn't wipe her ass.

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Anon +44 points2260 days ago

A great turn ON! I would love to meet this girl. Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot +4 points1535 days ago

I agree with you. It IS a turn on. Everyone has his or her own fetish. This is mine! People who hate this kind of thing should not waste time coming here & posting negative comments!! Reply Report

Bri +5 points1404 days ago

Yes i love this stuff there should be a website for it with chat and a contacts system. Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot   0 points1376 days ago

At least we can chat here. Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot   0 points1279 days ago

Bri...!!?? Ar you still alive? :) Reply Report
Raymond J Johnson Jr

Raymond J Johnson Jr +15 points1930 days ago

So now we know that pretty girls really do poop. They just don't have to wipe because their bottoms are naturally clean. Reply Report

chriscan +11 points2210 days ago

- What a waste of good piss and shit down the toilet ! Reply Report

yo +9 points2252 days ago

Why didn't we get to see that hot girl that went in afterwards? :((( Reply Report

Superchicken +8 points1815 days ago

Only perverts would want to see something as disgusting as this. By the way, where can I find more of trhese videos? Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot +8 points1551 days ago

I totally agree with Anon......(709 days ago). It is a turn ON! There is nothing sexier than these toilet cams, especially when the girls go for a poo! I love to hear the plop also. Reply Report

mike +7 points1939 days ago

I bet her panties are dirty Reply Report
Her toilet

Her toilet +7 points1631 days ago

NOW, she's ready for my tongue! Reply Report

pumuckl +6 points1937 days ago

i want licking herasshole clean Reply Report

simon +6 points1644 days ago

omg..I want her panties girls who don't wipe. Reply Report

hoho +5 points1888 days ago

maybe there wasn't any paper Reply Report

sneakyfox +5 points1423 days ago

fantastic! personally, I'd get into delving into that ass whether it was immediately thereafter or hours later...would love to penetrate that stinky ring, regardless of when! Reply Report
Don Cheto

Don Cheto +4 points1556 days ago

I can wipe her ass with my tongue :) Reply Report

RM +2 points1463 days ago

Great video, lovely shit, gorgeous ass... wish I could rent her for a night... Reply Report

tompearl +2 points1406 days ago

I am so jealous of that toilet Reply Report

RickyBastardo +1 points1359 days ago

If there was no toilet paper, she should have pulled out her tampon to wipe her shit laden ass or shove a new tampon up her ass until she could later wipe. Reply Report

ohwowe +1 points1200 days ago

... the only turn off is that i wasn't there to lick her clean afterward:) Reply Report

Joe   0 points1435 days ago

No hay papel Reply Report

Homeforloving   0 points1375 days ago

I´d love to see a video where this is done into a stroller, with a big blond baby doll laying inside. Reply Report

manatee   0 points1230 days ago

when u poop perfect there is nothing there to wipe/a woman knows Reply Report

jobuboy   0 points1270 days ago

I bet she has to put her undies on the hot wash cycle! Reply Report
mtn man

mtn man   0 points1056 days ago

love not wiping her shitty asshole and pulling up her tights over her piss and shit covered cunt! Reply Report

Simon   0 points776 days ago

Would love to sniff her bum, after a long day at the office. Reply Report
Dakota Fanny

Dakota Fanny   0 points621 days ago

Why the fuck does the video cut as the sexy blonde bitch walks in? Reply Report

kame   0 points637 days ago

oh was für ne süße ...und hat sich nicht mal den popo sauber gemacht ;) Reply Report

deza -2 points2257 days ago

porca nem se limpa! Reply Report
Hervy the Pervie

Hervy the Pervie -4 points1804 days ago

Boy! I'd like to fuck that dirty asshole of hers directly afetr she shits. Anything that did not come out, I'd drive back up with my knob. Once I got a good layer of ass-choclate o my dick, I'd fuck her in the pussy.

Wait a minute! She's havong her period! Oh, man, GROSS!!
Reply Report
fuck the state

fuck the state -5 points2256 days ago

i dont think she needed to wipe her ass that time... it was a clean break with one of those dry shits that dont need much wiping anyway...!!! and besides she may have got poo on her tampax cord !!! still a yuk though Reply Report

Sachin -6 points1666 days ago

I was curious to see but no more i never want to see someone shit again. Reply Report

pauluzzz -20 points2266 days ago

thats nasty! ughh Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot +3 points1376 days ago

Well don't watch then!! Reply Report