Happy Horse Sex

Sorry we can't allow horse sex videos on Heavy-R, so hopefully this cartoon will satisfy your fetish.

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John is a fucking idiot

John is a fucking idiot +36 points2124 days ago

Yep, because all us southerners do is sit around drinking beer, watching NASCAR, and draw cartoons of women having sex with horses. Seriously John, get the fuck over yourself. Reply Report
government kills niggers 4 fun

government kills niggers 4 fun -3 points801 days ago

your worse then niggers Reply Report
sadistic fucker

sadistic fucker +23 points1778 days ago

can't allow horse sex on Heavy R!!? So all the scat, vomiting, gore, execution, anal prolapse, hardcore, war, aftermath, bloody, illegal porn and rape videos are okay by society then? wake up heavy r! Reply Report

honestly +3 points1406 days ago

I agree with u sadistic fucker Reply Report

+4 points1451 days ago

I agree Reply Report

Briana +14 points1802 days ago

Im sorry what did you say john i believe its washington state that has the highest rate of reported bestiality and im sure lots more goes unreported and just because i like the feeling of a horse drilling me better than any man can doesnt mean im a hill billy in fact im a very accomplished doctor and have four phds from a top ten school i bt i have a better education than you do and a horse probably looks better than you so fuck off you jealous prick Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 +2 points1471 days ago

I fuck horses all the time Reply Report

vajesus +1 points550 days ago

I'd love to watch Reply Report

Bigdick92   0 points408 days ago

Want some real dick? Reply Report

+2 points1448 days ago

Well good for ducking you! Reply Report

+1 points1447 days ago

But I fuck horse's too Reply Report

  0 points1447 days ago

And I eat their shit... always Reply Report

NASCAR_AMERICA +12 points1743 days ago

Yeehaw this makes me want to fuck my sister. Reply Report
really  lame

really lame   0 points1518 days ago

Lmao omg that had be bust a fucking nut... Reply Report

Perfect +10 points1691 days ago

I wish I was her Reply Report
its funny

its funny +6 points1991 days ago

i think it was supposed to b funny a least i thought it was Reply Report
Southern Belle

Southern Belle +5 points1935 days ago

Hey John, FUCK YOU. There are a lot of sophisticated and successful southerners. Men AND women. Seriously, get the fuck over yourself. You may be from a higher class area, but it doesn't mean you're any better than ANY southerner. In fact, we are probably smarter and better looking than your ass is. My brother is a doctor, John. He has a PhD. My parents made everything out of nothing. So go and fuck yourself.
Southern Belle.
Reply Report
Non-Member Member-Non-Member

Non-Member Member-Non-Member +5 points1864 days ago

Whoever made this obviously hasn't seen a horse dick fully erected before. Doesn't look like a big human dick! Reply Report
Michael Angelo

Michael Angelo +4 points2189 days ago

Wow..whoever thinks the south is like this is fucking retarded.. Reply Report
Non Member

Non Member +3 points1822 days ago

May I point out the fact that this sight is full of fucked up videos? Non-Member John you're a dumbass if you think this is fucked up. There is far worse. And if you don't like it, why are you watching it Fucknut? Reply Report
Dolan Duk

Dolan Duk +3 points1157 days ago

Peple plz en kartun harse iz nofin to complayn abut, peple mak munaye bi duang stewpud shit. if nefing iz dizgusteng et iz teh kwalety ofv teh vedeoh. h8rs guna h8 bish. Nohte I em tayken teh pess out ov u yolo sweg. MLG Dolan en teh hawse Reply Report

Non-Member +2 points1791 days ago

Wow, shut up an d just jerk off people, Who gives a fuck about who made this?!!? Reply Report

:/ +2 points1773 days ago

I thought it was a donkey I'm so confused Reply Report

+2 points1451 days ago

#Horny cinderella Reply Report
want to suck my dick

want to suck my dick +1 points2039 days ago

Reply Report

0_0 +1 points1995 days ago

lol Reply Report
non member

non member +1 points1542 days ago

why cant anyone at least draw it like a real horse cock... Reply Report
E IL o T IR i X

E IL o T IR i X +1 points1469 days ago

In real the girl would explode! xD Reply Report
big dick

big dick +1 points1448 days ago

Have I been on meth? Reply Report
big dick

big dick +1 points1448 days ago

I had some tea earlier... but did some one sneak meth in my tea? Reply Report
big dick

big dick -1 points1448 days ago

Or was this a real video? Reply Report
Dude of the dick

Dude of the dick   0 points1743 days ago

Its awinspiring Reply Report

Ray   0 points1720 days ago

Hey John... BALLS TO YOU. Reply Report

  0 points1448 days ago

Why did my kindel incorrect fucking? Reply Report

  0 points1448 days ago

Auto correct... Reply Report

Fergus   0 points444 days ago

Golleee.... If ah'd hadda known thet ah could train muh hoss t' do thet, ah coulda had a lot more sleepin' tahm at naights with th' missus bein' so horny an' such! Reply Report

joseph2306   0 points426 days ago

I had a great laugh the song went well with the cartoon. Great cartoon. Reply Report

annoymus   0 points309 days ago

are we allowed to post links for actual horse vids here? Reply Report

morenik666   0 points179 days ago

cavallo pazzzo ahahahaahha Reply Report
suck me off

suck me off -1 points1518 days ago

It was about the size of a cock not about the horse fuckers... It was to tell us women like big brown cocks.... Reply Report

Hmm -2 points1795 days ago

I agree with john Reply Report
Shut the fuck up John

Shut the fuck up John -2 points1466 days ago

Dude I would want to watch a girl do it if you don't be gay some where else it is a porn site fucken retard
Reply Report

Guy -3 points2133 days ago

what the balls was that meant to be Reply Report

Meep -3 points1637 days ago

What.......the.......fucking........fuck.....did I just wach? Reply Report

John -54 points2556 days ago

Just like a sick fucking southern hill billy to draw some sick bull shit. Reply Report
WTF shut the fuck up

WTF shut the fuck up +1 points1518 days ago

dude your lame and hillbilly as well... Reply Report