McDonalds Employee Fucked By Her Boss

Teens these day do everything for a little pay raise.

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Tuff Tuggin

Tuff Tuggin +6 points16 days ago

Is this option on the McDonalds app? Reply Report

FuckinGenZ +5 points16 days ago

Too busy fucking to make my big mac, now I know why my order takes forever. Reply Report
Mcdonald\'s representative

Mcdonald\'s representative -3 points16 days ago

@FuckinGenZ Chill the fuck out fatso; they're busy heating the buns. Reply Report

Crysboutit +3 points15 days ago

@Mcdonald\'s representative cope, retard Reply Report
Sam Bob Pete

Sam Bob Pete +7 points16 days ago

@Mcdonald\'s representative Alright you son of a bitch you listen and you listen good. I want three fucking Mcdoubles, a large fucking fry and a fucking mountain dew right fucking now. So shut the fuck up and start stepping. Reply Report

ICE DICK +3 points16 days ago

Guy shot one pellet Reply Report

UNOMADEMECUM   0 points16 days ago

@ICE DICK Probably because he been fucking the other female staff members throughout the day Reply Report
Dookie hole fucker

Dookie hole fucker -2 points15 days ago

@UNOMADEMECUM Why just the female staff? Maybe he's like me and likes boys even more. Reply Report
Yo daddy

Yo daddy   0 points9 days ago

Little dribble of cum is pathetic Reply Report

Ifucksisters   0 points11 days ago

@Bob anything I can get Reply Report

Gunny   0 points10 days ago

fuck yes, about time they did adult happy meals... does this come with a toy inside Reply Report

Shaventeen15   0 points10 days ago

I'd love to work in this branch.. Damn I hope she is from recruitment or a manager, what an ass... THIS IS WHAT THE MANAGEMENT SHOULD BE HIRING... Reply Report
The Brat

The Brat   0 points11 days ago

This girls real name is Jan Smith and this is the Roselle Park NJ McDonald's Reply Report

Shaventeen15   0 points10 days ago

@The Brat well, I am gonna defo go to that branch.. Fuck yeah, what a gal... Reply Report

Sundog1966 -2 points14 days ago

So that's why they ran short of special sauce. The boss couldn't make enough ingredients Reply Report
Jizz girl

Jizz girl -2 points14 days ago

Then he goes and makes your nuggets Reply Report

Ifucksisters -2 points15 days ago

If anyone have a sister and wants to give me there snap text me i want all of the sister nudes i can get Reply Report

jim25 +2 points14 days ago

@Ifucksisters fuck off retard Reply Report