Lesbian With Good Work Ethic

Lesbian girl does not like dick at all, however when a task needs completed she will handle the job!

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Short Shot

Short Shot +1 points26 days ago

True Lesbians don't want anything to do with cock! Reply Report
I was raised by the interweb

I was raised by the interweb -3 points17 days ago

@Short Shot I know. They like to shit in a cup and then share the cup of shit so they can swish it around in their mouth and then eat it. Reply Report

Really +3 points25 days ago

@Short Shot Don't worry she's no kind of lesbian, bi maybe but no lesbian. I don't see even the most progressive lesbian asking a guy when he's going to fuck her. Reply Report

brattydyke +1 points18 days ago

@Really some lesbians have conversion kinks but yea i agree the girl in the video probably isnt a lesbian Reply Report
Otherwise straight man

Otherwise straight man +1 points22 days ago

Just cause she's a lesbian doesn't mean she can't appreciate a beautiful penis. I'm not gay but I think it's kinda nice and I'm disappointed it didn't cum Reply Report

88 +4 points16 days ago

@Otherwise straight man Just admit it, you're a full on cock sucking faggot and not even a bit straight. Reply Report
Otherwise straight man

Otherwise straight man   0 points15 days ago

@88 No I prefer women and I love my wife but I'm a pervert and I want to experience things. Reply Report
Fig  I bcdr

Fig I bcdr +1 points16 days ago

Fuck every lesbian Reply Report

Activity   0 points25 days ago

Fvk lesbians Reply Report

brattydyke +2 points18 days ago

@Activity aww did you get rejected by a lesbian? Reply Report

LesbiansLoveMe -1 points26 days ago

My roommates girlfriend and I once had some fun like this. She jerked me off and let me eat and finger her. I also got to fuck my roommate whenever her gf was out of town or we had been drinking, and I also got my roommate pregnant. Reply Report

Krista -3 points22 days ago

Look at those tasty balls Reply Report