Cleanup Cuck

He know what to do with real bull cum!

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Billy Bob fuck you

Billy Bob fuck you +3 points28 days ago

The cuck shit is something I will never understand Reply Report

Gracie796 +2 points28 days ago

@Billy Bob fuck you The cuck thing isn't my thing either but I'll play a part if that's the fantasy. On the other hand sucking cum from another girl's well used pussy for a sort of cum, pussy juice cocktail is high on my list of fun things to do. Especially if I'm getting my pussy or ass used at the same time. Each to their own. Reply Report
Billy Bob fuck you

Billy Bob fuck you +2 points28 days ago

@Gracie796 I'm fine with the fucking and cum eating and stuff. It's the oh my dick is pathetic so I need a bull fantasy that I don't understand. Why do people get off on putting their self down? If you wanna have a friend join in that's fine but it seems to me that the cuck thing would be bad for everyone involved state of mind. Reply Report

Dickindickout   0 points8 days ago

@Billy Bob fuck you so I enjoy some cuck play. I like slutty women, and I'm bi. So it is a nice match. Not into the denial and humiliation. I'll eat the creampie but I'm gonna nut in her too Reply Report
Sam Bob Pete

Sam Bob Pete +1 points23 days ago

She may as well just took a shit in his mouth Reply Report

Big38Ffan   0 points23 days ago

I fantasize about this all the time. Reply Report
I love cum

I love cum   0 points28 days ago

I do this all the time with my best friend and his wife! Also a few times with my cousin and her husband! I love watching and jacking off and eating creamy used pussy. Its the best! Reply Report