Hot Chick Likes To Lick Ass

My girlfriend constantly wants to lick my ass. Is this normal? If you mean during lovemaking, yes, it is normal. The anus is a very sensual part of the human body. She probably wants you to lick hers too. All of this assumes proper hygiene. I never make love with anyone without taking a shower first, sometimes together. It’s great foreplay and we can both be assured every inch is clean. Usually, because we clean each other’s every inch.

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zkkxqk +11 points4 days ago

TIred 0f ordinary porn ! V!sit - Reply Report

stephen666 +2 points3 days ago

baphomet balldrainer hard Reply Report
rim, rimmer

rim, rimmer +2 points3 days ago

perfect. That woman is my ideal perfect woman. Thats exactky how I like sex with a woman. Well done girl. Reply Report
Dookie eater supreme

Dookie eater supreme +1 points3 days ago

He should shit for her. Shit you bastard! SHIT! Reply Report
Turd blossom

Turd blossom -1 points2 days ago

@Dookie eater supreme Yes! Yes shit, Blow it out of that rancid stink hole all over her face! Reply Report
Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene +1 points2 days ago

I love licking a man's asshole especially Donny Boy's shit stopper. Reply Report

Tom2009   0 points2 days ago

I should leave ( im a minor) Reply Report

Kkb -1 points3 days ago

Warms my soul. Reply Report

suzukir122 -1 points3 days ago

We are in this the business of heaven creating successful sex gods do not have any inhibitions restrictions contrite feelings guilt remorse or regrets in a no holds barred arena & don't I just love watching what I love to do as it comes around to all & slaps you in face, got to perform to be showered in a million hugs & kisses forever more, if you do not be despised for evermore Reply Report