Mosque Shooting

Body cam footage of the Christchurch New Zealand mosque shooter.

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Nootnoot +8 points10 days ago

I knew this would be here Reply Report

Sandie +3 points10 days ago

I regret watching this video. Those poor people. Reply Report
Dreymon green

Dreymon green +3 points7 days ago

Not my proudest fap Reply Report
Frank V

Frank V +2 points10 days ago

I don't regret watching. The poor resolution hides details. As I watched I thought about how really pointless this is, rewarded with huge consequences. Race and religion were his motives but what does he believe would be the conclusion. I also knew this would be here. Reply Report

1111123456 +2 points9 days ago

Where is the full video? Reply Report
i can do better

i can do better +2 points9 days ago

im inspired Reply Report
Saint Michael

Saint Michael +2 points9 days ago

Whatever his motivation, there will be a river of blood spilt now. Both sides seeking retribution over and over and the end will be the destruction of our species. Extremism is a plague, no matter what religion or race you happen to be a part of. Pathetic. Reply Report

Anon89 +1 points10 days ago

This is actually fucked Reply Report
Sarah Plain and Tall

Sarah Plain and Tall +1 points9 days ago

Anyone notice the guy trying to squeek by before getting shot. You could say he was going for the shooter but his hands were to low to be looking to attack Reply Report

2783 +1 points9 days ago

Full video please Reply Report
Brenton Tarrant is a Cunt

Brenton Tarrant is a Cunt +1 points8 days ago

I regret this, but also I'm glad it's blurry. Reply Report

shit123456789 +1 points8 days ago

I saw the 17 minute video a couple days ago, the worst was to come. Reply Report

Anon85536789063   0 points10 days ago

Hell should exist for this demon Reply Report

Woe   0 points9 days ago

This is like an Isis video ... Reply Report
Some young guy

Some young guy   0 points9 days ago

Damn thats fucked up! Who has the full video link? Reply Report

pewpewpew   0 points7 days ago

50 x 72 virgins = 3,600 girls!Does New Zealand require a permit for that many virgins? Reply Report

T.Kaine   0 points7 days ago

I knew this would be here too. This Is the most unequivocal senseless action anyone can take. In America our soon to be Ex-President the Treasonous Idiotic, Hateful, Racist, lunatic, Corrupt business man we have occupying our Whitehouse Donald Trump adds fuel to these maniacs running rampant across the globe by denying these acts are beliefs of white supremacists and nazis while his support and base are filled with those types and even this monster has named him as a person he embraces. Reply Report

Zosen   0 points7 days ago

Enslave Muslims!!! Reply Report
J Rsb

J Rsb   0 points2 days ago

As a floor warden responsible for the survival of my people in the event of an active shooter I'm concerned at what sounds like wailing from side areas not yet hit by the gunman. If it's the wounded and dying, that's unavoidable, but if any of my shelter in place people were screaming or crying out I'd have to do whatever was necessary to silence them, for the survival of the rest. The active shooter is different from the jilted boyfriend shooter; draw his attention and he will lock onto you. Of COURSE it's terrifying to the core, but to survive you have to hold it in. Grieve for the fallen after you survive, be silent until he leaves or the police take him down. PS: What shocked me watching this was how unaffected I was; it looks identical to many game playthroughs I've watched on You Tube. Click click click you're dead oh hey Frank did you see Hampton beat Wilson on last night's soccer highlights ho hum. With the rabid fanaticism of a Wahabist or Sunni or Shia or Aryan plus VR kill kill kill gaming, if you're not there for real it's all the same. Now strip that hump handcuff him naked under a fine mister and slow peel him with a fine mist of airplane stripper then leave what's left to rot as a warning. His ideological friends will protect him on the inside, if New Zealand is like the US. Reply Report
i can do better

i can do better -1 points9 days ago

lol, not actually, just pointless and im merely saying looks kinda fun and he coulda been way more efficient Reply Report

muslim -1 points9 days ago

I thought the full video will be here...Nice, atleast now muslims know what its like to be jihadhist, isis, terrorist etc Reply Report

Jim-Bob -1 points7 days ago

False everything with a big banner Reply Report

W12 -2 points8 days ago

Action -> Reaction Reply Report
C. O\'Neill

C. O\'Neill -7 points10 days ago

Fucking christians! Religion of peace my ass! Reply Report
Ignorant fuck

Ignorant fuck +1 points10 days ago

@C. O\'Neill what has this to do with any form of religion? Reply Report

kekus -9 points10 days ago

Even better than porn Reply Report