Fire Cracker To The Bloody Asshole

Disturbed dude on his way to a colostomy.

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UB6IB9 +31 points166 days ago

Well....that's enough internet for today. Reply Report

Anonymrrdous +8 points152 days ago

Hes gonna try with stick of dynamite next .it was just a dry run. Reply Report
mannly mann

mannly mann +6 points152 days ago

Thomas decided it was time to leave he had seen everything Reply Report

afry +5 points152 days ago

Nomination for the dumbass of the year 2019 Reply Report

owned19yearold +4 points73 days ago

Would let my husband do this to my asshole and peehole if I committed adultery or was raped. Reply Report

Clearlyafuckedupwoman +3 points166 days ago

Wtf.. I got off to this to.. fml lol Reply Report

Girlygirlxx -3 points151 days ago

@Clearlyafuckedupwoman me too haha Reply Report

Girlygirlxx -2 points151 days ago

@Clearlyafuckedupwoman me too haha Reply Report

Harlekin182 +3 points152 days ago

Ive never seen shit like this before! He has to be in psychologic Observation!!!!!! In 1945 he would be in a Gaschamber,besides i am german. Crazy Ass motherfucker Reply Report
Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler   0 points133 days ago

@Harlekin182 ... What the hell does that mean?? Reply Report

WTFhaveijustwatched +3 points152 days ago

next a stick of dynamite??? Reply Report

K2 +2 points152 days ago

He needs help! He's sick! Reply Report

Horseman +1 points152 days ago

Lol Reply Report

Horseman +1 points152 days ago

Lol Reply Report

Llama +1 points152 days ago

I saw passed by and saw this for curiosity... wtaf! This shit is Insane. He not only did it one but twice. Wtf! Reply Report

Halolhaha +1 points151 days ago

Lol won't shit right ever again! Have fun wiping! Reply Report

Robcri +1 points151 days ago

Che schifo Reply Report

tinynutstim +1 points86 days ago

Oh, well, now I've done crazy shit to my ass-cunt, but this is not going to happen. I just don't see myself eating a hand full of antibiotics just so I can break a glass ornament inside my hole. Reply Report

Wertywe   0 points150 days ago

How's he explain that one in the hospital? Well, if his brain is really in his ass, he just blew it out. Reply Report

Me6565   0 points152 days ago

pity ass Reply Report

tudy000   0 points150 days ago

He is clearly on drugs or has some sort of anestezia in there,you hava to be fucking retarded to do this,i'm ok you're a damn masokist ,the first minutes feel god and shit,but of boy i don't wanna think if this guy get a bit of a constipation or just hard shit instead of soft...that destroyed hole will heal in months if he stops OMG,i once had a cut from my own shit on a part of my hole,took me 2-3 weeks to heal and i would always shit blood when going to the bathroom,O M G... Reply Report

28282929   0 points150 days ago

what the fuck i hope he actually got some help Reply Report
ive been on the internet too long

ive been on the internet too long   0 points152 days ago

Is this the same guy from one guy one jar? Reply Report
Im only 15

Im only 15   0 points150 days ago

Error anal.exe joke just blew up. Reply Report

Sam2000koskesh   0 points150 days ago

What the fuck fid i just watch Reply Report

Wertywe   0 points150 days ago

Then there are those with real GI problems, blood from our ass means another visit to the hospital. What the f___k?!?! I've never seen anyone do something so blatantly moronic....not once, but twice. This makes fail videos seem tame by comparison. Just play Russian roulette next time but don't unload any of the chambers. If this guy dies from sepsis I really hope they include a link to this for his family in the obituary. Reply Report

peterattard -1 points152 days ago

What a fantastic clip. Might have to try this myself Reply Report

Anonymou -1 points152 days ago

name? Reply Report

Manofmystery -2 points166 days ago

And the point of doing this is . . . . . Reply Report