Public Abused

Naked slave is blindfolded and tied to a tree in a public park where he is tortured, abused and humiliated.

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bride of fuckinswine

bride of fuckinswine +1 points162 days ago

When l worked at Disney World a group of us,girls and boys, would sneak out the character costumes at night put them on and violate the one we would tie up. No one knew who was who. l saw Goofy butt fuck Minny Mouse while Mickey messaged his member.The season ticket holders we call Passholes cuz the more people who show up the harder we have to work. l pity the people who have to clean the jizz and pussy cum up. Ha Ha Reply Report

hangerman +1 points160 days ago

@bride of fuckinswine sounds like everyone had a lot of fun lol Reply Report
I love hairy ass

I love hairy ass +1 points160 days ago

@bride of fuckinswine thats truly amazing i got hard just imagining that.. Reply Report
Such meh dick

Such meh dick +1 points160 days ago

SUCK MEH DICK Reply Report
3some king

3some king +1 points159 days ago

Thats me your looking at. l let strange girls and guys wack me off. you would to if you wern't so lame Reply Report

zazrix9 +1 points144 days ago

That is super haught, luv to do that. If not gnaw the balls and suck the gorgeous cock while he is tied up. Oh, it's just someone's driveway. still hawt, I want to be out a public road that is not to busy Reply Report

MsDoll   0 points108 days ago

Our mistress and hubby almost always used and abused me. Sometimes she got even by us abusing hubby like this. Mostly it was young women playing with his penis. Sometimes he got sucked and fucked by women briefly. We'd put rubber rings on his cock to keep it hard then talk men into jacking him off. He hated that. Reply Report

?   0 points155 days ago

super fuck you in your doing with people Reply Report
Martin 2245

Martin 2245   0 points134 days ago

Sub's body is quite hot Reply Report

Wow.. -1 points162 days ago

Uhmmm you shouldn’t make your own wife eat your cum don’t you think there’s something wrong with that? Reply Report

Fuckey -5 points162 days ago

I used to make my wife eat my dum and she loved it then she took 5 umbrellas to the beach then she made a house for us made from umbrellas then she took off her bikini and my shorts off and then we had sed Reply Report