Public Abused

Naked slave is blindfolded and tied to a tree in a public park where he is tortured, abused and humiliated.

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bride of fuckinswine

bride of fuckinswine +2 points6 days ago

When l worked at Disney World a group of us,girls and boys, would sneak out the character costumes at night put them on and violate the one we would tie up. No one knew who was who. l saw Goofy butt fuck Minny Mouse while Mickey messaged his member.The season ticket holders we call Passholes cuz the more people who show up the harder we have to work. l pity the people who have to clean the jizz and pussy cum up. Ha Ha Reply Report

hangerman +1 points4 days ago

@bride of fuckinswine sounds like everyone had a lot of fun lol Reply Report
I love hairy ass

I love hairy ass +1 points4 days ago

@bride of fuckinswine thats truly amazing i got hard just imagining that.. Reply Report
Such meh dick

Such meh dick +1 points4 days ago

SUCK MEH DICK Reply Report
3some king

3some king +1 points3 days ago

Thats me your looking at. l let strange girls and guys wack me off. you would to if you wern't so lame Reply Report

Wow..   0 points6 days ago

Uhmmm you shouldn’t make your own wife eat your cum don’t you think there’s something wrong with that? Reply Report

Fuckey -5 points6 days ago

I used to make my wife eat my dum and she loved it then she took 5 umbrellas to the beach then she made a house for us made from umbrellas then she took off her bikini and my shorts off and then we had sed Reply Report