Shit Dinner

Sexy MILF shitting on the plate while waiting for her husband.

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big papa

big papa +3 points124 days ago

That dinner was shit Reply Report

Fuckthisshit +2 points126 days ago

Yo fuckers is weird Reply Report

Porkchop   0 points123 days ago

@Fuckthisshit why'd you watch it then? Reply Report

SteveDD +3 points125 days ago

@Fuckthisshit You knew what was here before you clicked in! Reply Report

1timestopper +2 points123 days ago

Even the foot fetish people are disappointed in shit fetishes Reply Report
Mike  & Dan

Mike & Dan +1 points125 days ago

I’m all set with this sick shit. Seems Jay Bernunzio would like this Reply Report
Jon G.

Jon G. +1 points118 days ago

That is fuckin' totally DIGUSTING!! Oh, fuck man! Holy shit. Holy shit... Reply Report

lesbo   0 points124 days ago

I wish I can let out mouths of sho'nuff shit! Reply Report
Dp my daughter

Dp my daughter   0 points123 days ago

Good shit lol Reply Report

sezayesh   0 points122 days ago

10 \ 10 would have that for Lunch too Reply Report
Enter name

Enter name   0 points119 days ago

Millions of years of evolution. Reply Report

natas6594   0 points119 days ago

i want it all staight in my mouth Reply Report

buttoman -1 points134 days ago

Beautiful figure and such a delightfully shaped bottom. Perfect view of the delivery of a luscious load for us to enjoy. Excellent, thank you. Reply Report
Big Pull up out

Big Pull up out -1 points125 days ago

You all fuck shit eaters piss too Reply Report
One Delisous Cunt

One Delisous Cunt -1 points125 days ago

Maybe if she microwaved it with some motsarella cheeze and wallnuts and oh hell why am l dreaming ?You ever thy to get a bitch to reheat your dinner ? Nuff money or pussy and l bet l could get one of you jerk-offs to chow it all down!Puke and you'd be made to eat that up too.Hell that's reheting it for yourself. Reply Report

Douglasatit -1 points125 days ago

I'd like to wipe her sexy ass for her. That plate of shit would look very nice with a couple of asswipes laying there. Reply Report

Bilover69 -1 points124 days ago

Would love to spread that on eachother Reply Report

Bilover69 -1 points124 days ago

Can you do this on my face and ill wipe your ass with my mouth Reply Report