Tattooed Blonde Pissing Outdoors

She has a pretty good aim!

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RB459   0 points80 days ago

When you gotta go, you gotta go! Reply Report

DAGESTAN   0 points71 days ago

@bobby the poet NO U - just separate and lift both pussy lips, and the peehole will lift as well, then it's just a matter of applying near-instant pushing (and holding, with no gradual in-betweens) pressure to keep the stream continuous without the leak going down the legs. Reply Report

DAGESTAN -1 points71 days ago

Usually goes in hand with Kegels - most girls tend to not bother practicing for their lifetimes AFAIK... Reply Report
bobby the poet

bobby the poet   0 points62 days ago

thanks Dagestan. l'm gona show your advice to my gf .she's only five feet tall and wears size one panties. l don't know if she can shoot a stream far enouff away from her little legs to keep dry.As for you other rude bastards she blonde green eyes and 31 years younger then fuckers wish........ Reply Report
bobby the poet

bobby the poet -1 points72 days ago

l think thats a guy with a dickclit.A dickette or whatever you want to call a micro pecker. All the bitches l dated had to have a place to squat before they would even consider pissing. Wish l had a dime for all the minutes l spent waiting for them. Pussy comes with a big price tag Bro's. Reply Report

xfjhfjgfc   0 points70 days ago

@bobby the poet I THINK YOUR 12 AND FUCKING AUTISTIC Reply Report

SteveDD +1 points71 days ago

@bobby the poet you didn't date enough cool girls who piss up! Reply Report