Dads Friend Has Fun With Teen

She was worried but ended up liking the sex!

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bishop butt plug

bishop butt plug   0 points69 days ago

You have not paid your dues an a kind-of-a-sewer of porn flix if you haven't sat thru this one. lt had to and l'm sincere about this been made by the mormans as a sex education movie to show to their 12yr old daughters before 'Dad' swaps them for another familys 12yr old.They say they only do this so there's no inbreeding ?You believe that shit or you gona join them ? Perverts leave them kids alone !! Reply Report

Meeee   0 points72 days ago

NO Rubbers!!!!! Reply Report

ShekelCollector   0 points63 days ago

His nose is bigger than his dick Reply Report

FREAKY BOY L7 -1 points68 days ago

Yuo just can't call it porno when it goes as mainstream as this. l'II bet VP Pence would even be offened by this mid America drabble. This is sad. Bro's it can't get worst then this.Before FREAKY GIRL 69 flipped out her and l made a porno as creepy as this loser. Reply Report
Bill Clint-cum

Bill Clint-cum -1 points69 days ago

The guy looks like Justin Timberswamp's Jewish Rabbi and the girl could get lost in a crowd of uglys in a New York millisecond. God must like fucked up looking people he made way to many of them. Thank u Heavy-R l have seen the light!!! Reply Report