Japanese Creampie Orgy

Asian bikini girls fucked and jizzed Japanese gangbang style in a rare underscored video.

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Susan352 +4 points8 days ago

Japanese men are crazy horny bastards. Too bad their dicks are so small. Reply Report
The Porn Doctor

The Porn Doctor   0 points5 days ago

@Susan352 They have little tiny rice dicks. Reply Report

angelique21 +3 points9 days ago

The Girls are Hot.....But the guys cock are so small.........No good for me...........!!!!!! Reply Report

IGotsTaKnow +3 points7 days ago

Since Japanese men have small cocks does it follow that Japanese women have small really tight pussies? I got to get me a Japanese girl and find out. Reply Report
Bill Clint-cum

Bill Clint-cum +2 points5 days ago

Youall like the way them asian girls squell? The only way to shut them up is to let your buddy get sucked off while you doggy style them. Of course you make him pay latter. Reply Report
Hentai IRL

Hentai IRL +2 points9 days ago

I mean, i love me some Japanese girls, but holy hell she sounds like a squeaky dog toy lmao Reply Report

MyCockLooksBig +2 points9 days ago

I love watching Japanese porn with my gf. Most of the dudes have little 3 inch micro cocks that make my 6.5 inch fuck stick look like a baseball bat by comparison. Reply Report

Thisniggalian -3 points9 days ago

@MyCockLooksBig cmon man you don’t have a girlfriend Reply Report
The Porn Doctor

The Porn Doctor   0 points5 days ago

@Thisniggalian He doesn't have 6.5 inches either. Reply Report

JenniferJ23 +2 points4 days ago

@The Porn Doctor Says the loser without a job in his parents basement masturbating his little weenie all day long! Reply Report
Your good

Your good   0 points9 days ago

@MyCockLooksBig You dick is above average size Reply Report

Rigger789 +2 points9 days ago

Thank god for the mute option.... Reply Report
love is all there is!

love is all there is! +1 points6 days ago

Nice different Japanese seen: the women screem like baby's being tortured. Wild rough unshaved pussy's. And general little size dicks which produce little sperm. But what a nice substitute to do in the weekend instead of going to the Gym. Reply Report
good man

good man   0 points8 days ago

-18 years old orgythat's great Reply Report
Glen geof

Glen geof   0 points7 days ago

Small cocks and hardly any cum I blow a gallon compared to them Reply Report
I\'m behind you

I\'m behind you -4 points9 days ago

Dude your dick is so small 6.5 mines 8.3 Reply Report

iygyigiy +2 points8 days ago

@I\'m behind you yours is small i got that 17 footer Reply Report

ThatDudeIsOnFire +6 points8 days ago

@I\'m behind you It just seems that big to all the little boys you molested at church. Reply Report