Birthing Of A Massive Turd

I've seen kids being born smaller than this!

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BarneyBalls +12 points22 days ago

Unfortunately my girlfriend makes shits this big and constantly plugs the toilet. I have to take a kitchen knife and chop it up so it flushes down. Reply Report

Turdlesoup +4 points20 days ago

@BarneyBalls that damned poop knife! Reply Report

FatherAssLover +9 points16 days ago

When viewing this I was reminded of the scripture "But give that which is within as charity, and then all things are clean for you." Luke 11:41.and "Bring forth thine shite" Mathew 5:41 Reply Report

ATrueBeliever +12 points16 days ago

@FatherAssLover Yes by giving that which is within - her shit - she will clean out her bowels and give us charity - the gift of her log - so that we might rejoice in its birth! Reply Report

BillyThreeBalls +8 points23 days ago

That shit log is so big you could dry it out and use it as a telephone pole, Reply Report

BlackHope +2 points23 days ago

If I could shit like that I would. It's so big I'd probably squirt too Reply Report

bumholelover +1 points23 days ago

Maria Devot at it again, I'd spend my life up her asshole if I could Reply Report

subbyhubby +1 points20 days ago

my little wife spent the afternoon at an all you can eat place then came home and dropped a monster so big we had to flush the shitter three times before it broke in half and was swallowed down. Reply Report

natashainheels   0 points19 days ago

@subbyhubby WISH you could've shared it with us!... Maybe next time ; ) Reply Report
Cuddly Chops

Cuddly Chops +1 points15 days ago

She's doing her part to MAGA Reply Report
Cuddly Chops

Cuddly Chops   0 points15 days ago

My future wife,how can i contact her? Reply Report

MikeSee   0 points17 days ago

Iide fuxk her dirty butt Reply Report

MikeSee   0 points17 days ago

I would fuck her dirtyshithole Reply Report

Jjak   0 points23 days ago

Now that is what ya call a keeper Reply Report

pns   0 points23 days ago

Nice big turd. Should be in my mouth. Reply Report

Fumeur   0 points23 days ago

Is this girl a known porn actress? Or just a delightfully kinky girl who uploads private self-made videos onto the net? I've seen lots of her 'work' (!) but only in this form. Reply Report

lesbo   0 points23 days ago

That's a shitty baseball bat! Reply Report

Az123   0 points21 days ago

Very nice girl Reply Report

Wooow   0 points20 days ago

Charizarding search it up Reply Report

Hey19   0 points20 days ago

I want her as my wife! She is a wonderfull girl I love to arch her play like this. Reply Report

20172018mmm   0 points17 days ago

Very very very very sexy Reply Report
Bill Clint-cum

Bill Clint-cum   0 points17 days ago

Bet she stayed up all night puckering her bunghole to surprise you Heavy-R perv's, me included !!! Reply Report

buttoman   0 points16 days ago

She is gorgeous and she controlled the delivery perfectly for us to enjoy. Excellent. Reply Report

Alexey   0 points15 days ago

sehr sexy, unglaublich Reply Report

Alexey   0 points15 days ago

sehr sexy, unglaublich Reply Report
Robocop 1980

Robocop 1980   0 points14 days ago

Damn, who is she? Reply Report

Mere   0 points13 days ago

Really loved tje "romantic vid" lol.could I have an inivitation to regitrer here? Reply Report

aww   0 points13 days ago

This fantastic speciman has around 20 courics. Reply Report
i dont know about you

i dont know about you   0 points12 days ago

wtf fuck yall minds are fucked up Reply Report

goddamnit +1 points12 days ago

@i dont know about you I know, i need some help. Reply Report

jannybh   0 points12 days ago

Truly a Lady! So tired of all those models with their disgusting "normal" sex. Reply Report
Fucks ndhjdhks

Fucks ndhjdhks   0 points10 days ago

Lol that’s a man sized shit Jesus Christ Reply Report

hansigeil47 -1 points19 days ago

Komm zu mir und kacke dort in mein Bett. Reply Report

Ladida -5 points16 days ago

you just leave OL Obama alone and her newborn family member. wonder what this one's gonna be called? Reply Report

NancyP. +11 points16 days ago

@Ladida We shall call him Donald T. Junior II Reply Report

Ladida -5 points14 days ago

@NancyP. miraculously the first nigger then in the Trump family with ol obama giving birth to him.@NancyPee.: are you a journalist ? Reply Report

NancyP +5 points14 days ago

@Ladida MAGA - Morons Are Governing America Reply Report

Ladida -6 points13 days ago

@NancyP calm down dearand relax: the Obama dictatorship is over.MAGA = Make Antisemites Go Away - I say, you ARE a journalist: so, why not keep feeding fake news media with the truth for a change ..., or you're in for another smashing T. victory in 2020.(by the way, afraid you forgot to say 'hello' to Mom-Obama & that Obama spawn in the vd.) Reply Report
Your therapist

Your therapist -5 points17 days ago

Scat is not a fetish is a mental problem. Reply Report

Katelynn -5 points15 days ago

Ticking disgusting botch Reply Report

whattthehell45 -6 points17 days ago

i don't know why is this a turn on Reply Report

Ladida +1 points16 days ago

@whattthehell45 what the motherfuck DO you know ? Reply Report

whatthehell45   0 points12 days ago

@Ladida I know there's something wrong with me if i find shit like this a turn on. What's it to you, anyway? Reply Report

PussySlayer698 +3 points17 days ago

@whattthehell45 Because it is hot asf Reply Report

whatthehell45 -1 points16 days ago

@PussySlayer698 You sure about that? I think my mind's fucked up. Reply Report

Katelynn   0 points15 days ago

Hi sexy Reply Report
Ewwwwww wtf

Ewwwwww wtf -7 points19 days ago

Wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf is this disgusting shit Reply Report

Wilbert -7 points19 days ago

If you like this! You are a very sick moron. DISGUSTING! Reply Report

Jasmine1 +6 points18 days ago

@Wilbert Honestly, I would gladly seal my lips around her asshole and swallow her massive log whole. It would be an honor. Reply Report

ughhh -6 points16 days ago

@Jasmine1 I doubt you're a woman, only a guy would find something like that arousing. Reply Report

riverr +4 points16 days ago

@ughhh as a woman I’d kindly disagree Reply Report

TammyG3G +12 points18 days ago

@Wilbert When you shit is it DISGUSTING? No it is normal and necessary. How can you not appreciate this amazing lady sharing the birth of her beautiful brown love log? Reply Report

Ashleeee +2 points13 days ago

@TammyG3G I wish i could see more of this. Poop is beautiful and tasty. Even as a young girl i wouldnt mind another woman pooping on me Reply Report

...........   0 points12 days ago

@Ashleeee Are you actually for real? Reply Report

JJ34s +15 points18 days ago

@Wilbert She is an artist and she is creating beautiful art with her asshole. Reply Report

Kk12   0 points19 days ago

@Wilbert Reply Report