Fucked In The Ass By Extreme Large Penis

He warned her it was big, but she didn't expect it this big!

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Big John

Big John +4 points230 days ago

# 1 thats a dude getting fucked in the ass
# 2 Holy fucking shit his dick is like 18 fucking inches long!! Hell Id be happy a 2 bit whore on a navy ship if i just had half that monster good gawd
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FatPat +4 points228 days ago

A little bit longer and he gets a bj at the same time Reply Report

Fukboi +3 points211 days ago

I cum then read the comments, did I really just cum to gay porn Reply Report

DarthAnon +1 points210 days ago

@Fukboi Same. Lol Reply Report
Horny potato

Horny potato +3 points230 days ago

I thought having sex with horses was illegal Reply Report
Sue Mi

Sue Mi +10 points215 days ago

@Horny potato : Nothing is illegal in that part of the world. Reply Report

tulius +3 points228 days ago

what in oblivion is that Reply Report
Imperial soldier

Imperial soldier +2 points211 days ago

@tulius DRAGON!!! Reply Report

Zogby +3 points216 days ago

Trying to make a fool of everybody. He added a penis extender. Reply Report

Logg   0 points213 days ago

@Zogby there are a few better quality videos of them together.. it's his dick. Reply Report

CTG BIOTCCHHHH -11 points216 days ago

@Zogby how do you know Reply Report

Neverready +2 points231 days ago

That’s not a her,that’s a him! Reply Report

butfucker +2 points225 days ago

I am jerking off to that right now
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Hungdave +1 points210 days ago

Jesus. That makes my big 8 inch cock seem small Reply Report

Tonton +1 points215 days ago

If that's real, I can't imagine having such a big dick being all that it's cracked up to be Reply Report

Anonymoud12 +1 points214 days ago

Thats a man, baby Reply Report

ninformant   0 points209 days ago

fucking hell thats like a third fucking leg!!! Reply Report

ronwaardenberg   0 points186 days ago

fuck wish that was in me Reply Report

faggggg   0 points211 days ago

is that miss spain getting fucked in the ass? Reply Report

Garfield   0 points230 days ago

That's right, that's a man. a few more inches and he vomits. Reply Report
Obi wan

Obi wan   0 points227 days ago

That's no moon... Reply Report
cum in me

cum in me   0 points226 days ago

i'd love that monster up my virgin ass Reply Report
Tht due tht wants you.

Tht due tht wants you. +4 points216 days ago

@cum in me are you a chick? or a dude? cause I want it and I'm a dude and if you a dude maybe we can hook up, cause I'm a dude. Are we like, both dudes who live in the same state? Cause I'm a dude tht lives in Alabama. Are you a dude cause I'm a dude tht wants cock. Are you a dude? Tht wants cock? Cause I'm a dude. reply to me dude cause imma a dude Reply Report
dj rhino

dj rhino   0 points195 days ago

@Tht due tht wants you. well im guessing your a dude then?? lol
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Johhaton -7 points216 days ago

@cum in me maby mine would do lol Reply Report

Johhaton -8 points216 days ago

@cum in me maby mine would do lol Reply Report

Johhaton -12 points216 days ago

@cum in me maby mine would do lol Reply Report

Odinza   0 points212 days ago

Sorry to say but that's not a girl kiddos. That's sum straight up guy on guy action. One you can see there is no pussy slit when the guy pulls out. And two a woman's ass isn't built like that. Reply Report

Stahlherz   0 points212 days ago

Who is that guy??? I want him to destroy my asshole so bad! Anyone got more videos of him? Reply Report

Karnickel   0 points212 days ago

Herrliches Teil Reply Report
Lisa Marion

Lisa Marion   0 points212 days ago

OMG !!!! I want those 12-inches up my ass !!!! Reply Report

TD   0 points212 days ago

@Lisa Marion my is 14 inches and is ready for your asshole (I hope you have some shit in it). Reply Report

Dench +1 points211 days ago

@TD : Braggart. Reply Report

kitter   0 points163 days ago

so that was pretty fucking epic and its PHIEAJk f,sdnx Reply Report

anon896 -1 points231 days ago

thats a fucking world record right there... Reply Report

Sfcecegrg -1 points216 days ago

John Holmes Reply Report
Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump -1 points216 days ago

I want to be fucked up my asshole by that long 18-inch cock! Reply Report

Dudeinfrancerightnow -1 points215 days ago

Is that the original video ? Me and my Virgin ass want more ! Reply Report

Ghoger -1 points214 days ago

Yip Reply Report

Seedy -1 points213 days ago

what a humongous cock! Reply Report

sissysuby -1 points213 days ago

I was afraid his dick would break when she moved her ass to the left.
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Wet and curious

Wet and curious -1 points211 days ago

I’ve never had a man in me there Iam scared but watching this Iam dripping wet and it’s slipping down to my butt and now it’s so wet I want something in it bad Reply Report
Id love to fuck your pussy baby

Id love to fuck your pussy baby +1 points211 days ago

@Wet and curious Reply Report

butfucker -2 points225 days ago

I am jerking off to that right now
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meme1 -2 points216 days ago

@butfucker Love to be there with you sucking swallowing your cum Reply Report

Deepend -2 points225 days ago

I'd like to find that guy. Reply Report

Firstfeeltaste   0 points214 days ago

@Deepend looking virgin guy I’m here Reply Report
Mr. Long Dick

Mr. Long Dick -2 points215 days ago

@Deepend Damnnn I’m famous! Reply Report