Big Long Pussy Lips

Hot or not? I'd definitely would love to try..

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Try +2 points3 days ago

This website is dead Reply Report

Denmark19 +2 points4 days ago

My labia look exately like that, who want to fuck me? Reply Report

miss_you_75 +1 points6 days ago

There's only ONE place where lips like these belong. And that is ON MY TONGUE... Reply Report

st1985 +1 points9 days ago

my girl has the same lips ... you can make a knot with them Reply Report

yessss +2 points9 days ago

@st1985 I've seen videos like that! Reply Report

nja +1 points9 days ago

Sooo... This is what is know as a "meat curtains"? Reply Report
The guy

The guy -6 points9 days ago

@nja So you’ve been learning a thing or two huh! Reply Report
Li Feng

Li Feng +2 points8 days ago

@The guy : So you think you know everything. Who are you to judge him? Reply Report

Rigger789 +1 points9 days ago

Love it! I love eating them and having them tickle the back of my throat! Reply Report

jan3333445555 +1 points8 days ago

i'd love to suck them Reply Report

1NaughtyCorner +1 points4 days ago

Oh Wow!!! Reply Report

smoothpussykate +1 points3 days ago

Love my big pussy lips, not quite as big as her's though. Reply Report
Sex Queen 420

Sex Queen 420   0 points5 days ago

What mine look like... I hate them, makes me feel ugly Reply Report

Cmw +1 points5 days ago

@Sex Queen 420 too.. I wanna get a labia plasty.. mine aren't this big but.. I want normal ones Yeah? Reply Report

Brettscarp123 +1 points4 days ago

@Cmw your crazy don’t do it! Love a natural pussy! Reply Report
Stake eater

Stake eater   0 points6 days ago

I wanna chew on them like stake. Reply Report

Shyfuck   0 points3 days ago

I need someone who likes big labias. Soo self conscious! Mine is like this.. Reply Report

echarlie -1 points9 days ago

Incredible lips!!!! Reply Report

Pervertuous -1 points4 days ago

Oh fuck! Who is anti labia plastie????? ME!!!! All women should have real pussy lips like her! Anything else is baby pedo cunts!!!! Viva el huge labia for God sakes!!!! Reply Report

3mily +1 points3 days ago

@Pervertuous I love big labias, but if a girl doesn't like hers and it prevents her from loving her body, being confident to show herself naked, then there's no shame in doing a labia plastie. The only thing is that most of the women who are self conscious about it, is because of the porn industry that shows only labialess vulvas. So it can help them to show them the vulva wall. Reply Report

CDC Bla -1 points8 days ago

I mean I would literally have sex with anyone, male or female, old or young.
Reply Report

Pest9 +1 points7 days ago

@CDC Bla me too! Reply Report

Aurobindo -1 points3 days ago

Don't leave them unattended for long. They may fuse together and become a soft cock like ones of the transgenders. Reply Report