Premature Ejaculation In Public

Micro dicks, boys with boobs, and premature ejaculators. What kind of fucking beach is this!?

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Sask +3 points64 days ago

If I was one of them, I would have went over, shifted my bikini over to one side and sat on that hard cock and got it so wet. Reply Report

@alberta +1 points59 days ago

@Sask you can get my cock wet any time! Reply Report

Sask +1 points58 days ago

@@alberta I would love to..I bet it gets so hard Reply Report

I +10 points63 days ago

@Sask and risked getting AIDS for 2mins of pleasure. Seems good. Reply Report

Subby   0 points63 days ago

@I there’s always gotta be one fucking retard taking things too seriously Reply Report

Subby +1 points63 days ago

@I there’s always gotta be one fucking retard taking things too seriously Reply Report

Cx -1 points62 days ago

@Subby sext me x Reply Report

Garfield +2 points64 days ago

I would like to be able to read the thoughts. Especially from the woman who can not look away. Reply Report

Bob2001 +1 points72 days ago

Awesome, that girls face when he spunk end his load is priceless. Nice Reply Report

tits23 +1 points64 days ago

what the fuck why can't I do that god damnit that looks like fun going totally hands free geez Reply Report

Dankripper +1 points59 days ago

Sponsored by LLBean Reply Report

SixInchFuckStick +1 points59 days ago

Love to know where this beach is. My 6 inch fuck stick will look like a horse cock compared to all the other guys that have micro cocks. Reply Report
Brad Nairbo

Brad Nairbo   0 points60 days ago

He's doing that on purpose Reply Report
horny guy

horny guy   0 points60 days ago

That was so fucking hot!!!!! I would get so into watching that guy on the beach. Also, that is not a boy with tits. That is a queer person, gender identity unknown. Who cares, hot it hot! Reply Report

Rubeeno   0 points60 days ago

How does one even do that. Reply Report

Pervertuous   0 points59 days ago

Poor little dick wanker!...... Cant even keep it in.... Reply Report
for real?

for real?   0 points61 days ago

this 3 inch dick having ass is just laying here and having women laugh at the lack of his endowment Reply Report

SaTaNs   0 points62 days ago

LOL That small dick fag needs to get laid! Those fat ugly dykes who weren't interested in him or his teeny tiny little mouse dick and were making fun of how small his dick is were all fat, ugly and a turn OFF! Reply Report

Chardidos   0 points59 days ago

@SaTaNs on the $$ with your commentary. thats def not precum, thats a full on blown load yo.... he def needs to get laid or something cuz he blew his wod right when he saw the transgender booboy....them dykes were straight clowning da fool~ they probably have clits bigger than mr precum... micro dick, get out da way foo...
must be faggot dick envy for those of you who wished you could blow your load with just the wind blowing at you....
Reply Report
Calvin hobbes

Calvin hobbes   0 points76 days ago

How the fuck did he do that. First video I watched and I'm about to cum. Fuck Reply Report
Baby Kata

Baby Kata +17 points63 days ago

@Calvin hobbes oh nigga you gay! Reply Report

Mokujin   0 points62 days ago

Well... That shut them up! X0D *laughs* Reply Report

Suzie41 -1 points59 days ago

Is that his cock shaft or is it just a pimple on his nut sack? Reply Report

rogerthecock -1 points58 days ago

maggot alert Reply Report

HatesMorons -2 points65 days ago

dumbass hardup moron. get a real life. Reply Report

Bonerman -3 points61 days ago

Went out with a hot blonde in bigh school. She could make me cum like this without even touching my boner. Reply Report

hellblue -3 points61 days ago

lucky i was not around, that fat turd would take the umbrella in the throat , old fat shit Reply Report

CumGobbler -4 points64 days ago

Holy fuck I wish I was him... except I would’ve cum all over those girls faces Reply Report