Chicking On Fat Dick

Her eyes start sparkling when she sees how big it is!

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Texas made

Texas made +1 points257 days ago

Fuck whites and blacks

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SrkRaven +1 points256 days ago

not very skilled but showed some promise... still what a waste of a pretty face and mouth- go practice before u make videos... fact Reply Report
Dirty whit boy

Dirty whit boy   0 points258 days ago

No women in her right mind wants anything to do with a dirty stinking filthy nigger Reply Report
Joshua 77

Joshua 77   0 points253 days ago

@Dirty whit boy : Then every single white female, be it a child, young or old, is not in her right mind. The proof is in the change of your complexion among yourselves in last few decades. Reply Report
A black guy

A black guy -13 points260 days ago

Cute how white people think their dicks are big. Reply Report
A white guy

A white guy +1 points260 days ago

@A black guy im white asf and I bet my dick bigger than yours Reply Report
Dr of Common Sense

Dr of Common Sense +15 points260 days ago

@A black guy Cute how you hide behind a stereotype brutha. Insecure much? You the reason they still be racial tension between us and white folks...Oh, excuse me...between us DECENT black folks and decent white folks. Playin the race card is weak bruh. Reply Report
blorb got shitty sight

blorb got shitty sight +5 points259 days ago

@Dr of Common Sense never thought a conversation on heavyr could go deeper then the cocks in the videos. but goddamn sir, you're right! Reply Report