Students Have Sex At School

Hong Kong college Students in uniform having sex at school.

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lol your welcome

lol your welcome -2 points281 days ago

I'm gonna help you all translate this cause I can understand cantonese:

basically this is filmed by two older adults probably ugly bastards. They keep whispering between themselves guessing they're ages. Anyways lemme start:

wow look, quickly. mmm yes lift up that dress. ooo it's a paper underwear, so much hair though. mmm yes, finger her more. take if her panties! uhh why are they taking so long, mm yes touch her till she's wet. so much hair, she's still a student. mmm yes hold that nipple. Lmao it's so dark, like a blackcurrant. yes put your hand in there, finger her. how old are they? wait why is there blood, she has her period lmao. mmm nice ads she got. she's so perverted. what's her cup size? he should totally dig it deeper. she has a nice body. ahh shut they saw us, dammit run.

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