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Strange stuff going on here.. Wtf?!

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kg31141e +7 points52 days ago

Call me weird, but I actually think her skin is beautiful. I genuinely do like her skin
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sugarkitten +3 points51 days ago

@kg31141e Some people see things that are different and immediately think it's weird and gross. Others like it. I can see the appeal even though it isn't my thing. I think it would be pretty sad if people like you didn't exist and anyone who was different from the norm was hated by everyone one. Reply Report
Sex Zombie

Sex Zombie +6 points53 days ago

Did any1 else hear COD BLACK OP ZOMBIES pause menu playing in the background I love nuketown Reply Report
Some chick

Some chick +4 points75 days ago

She probably has vitaligo. Reply Report

Lhasa +5 points75 days ago

@Some chick

Finally someone with a brain. Yes, she has vitiligo.
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sugarkitten +1 points51 days ago

@Lhasa How is it vitiligo if that's the lightening of the skin? This girl has the opposite. Reply Report

QuietOne +1 points50 days ago

@sugarkitten Vitiligo comes in a spectrum so some people have it so badly the majority of their skin becomes bleached. I dated a girl who was almost entirely white from the neck down with only her lips being slightly lighter on her face and she was super self conscious about it wearing long sleeves or gloves whenever she could. Just like autism some people get lucky and other people do not. Just do a search its a really wild disease that can produce some very different results. Reply Report
no one

no one +1 points73 days ago

This looks like a rare skin cancer at advanced stage... Reply Report
Peter peter

Peter peter +1 points75 days ago

Why cover your face? Who the fuck else has this kind of shit? We’re all going to know it’s you. Reply Report

ayyyyyyy   0 points51 days ago

Explanation : she prob has vitiligo (is a person of color who is loosing skin pigment), and they are speaking french : shes saying its leaking and shes uncomfortable with position it hurts, he tells her to hold it on and change position and then push it out and she says she is. Reply Report

dido   0 points75 days ago

Thats Karpasi Sarcoma. She is most likely in late stagy AIDS Reply Report

Andyroo   0 points72 days ago

Vitiligo is the lightning of the skin due to melanin failure - think Michael Jackson.

It maybe melanoma (though given the number and size unlikely ), possibly hyperpigmentation, Seborrheic keratose (one did look scaly) or melasma. Plenty of none fatal options.
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sugarkitten +1 points51 days ago

@Andyroo So you say it is the lightening of skin but she is experiencing the opposite. Many older women experience hyperpigmentation and melasma but it's never something this extreme and it's usually only on the face. This is something different. I hope it's not fatal but as the other comments have said, if you search for kaposi sarcoma, it unfortunately looks like this. Reply Report

NOARGUMENT   0 points53 days ago

Is someone about to play blackops ? Reply Report

Bb8   0 points52 days ago

She looks like a bruised banana Reply Report
Mike Hunt

Mike Hunt -1 points76 days ago

Was that a cow? Reply Report
Big John

Big John   0 points75 days ago

@Mike Hunt
Dalmation I think!!!
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Lord Humungus

Lord Humungus -1 points75 days ago

That's from everyone touching her with 11 foot poles. Reply Report

.l -1 points73 days ago

What are they saying? Reply Report

named -1 points68 days ago

this begin of the end Reply Report

JAYYKAY -1 points52 days ago

Whats up with her skin? Its hott tho Reply Report

frenchiiiii -2 points67 days ago

she says all the time "it hurts alex stop , it hurts when I move" probably a decease like extreme herpes
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NaijaXrated -2 points71 days ago

Holy Cow! Reply Report

oGGy -2 points52 days ago

Nice Cow milking Reply Report