Tied And Stabbed

Haley is tied to a bed frame, tortured with a knife and then stabbed in her belly until she is dead.

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jesus4345 +3 points228 days ago

whats her Name? Reply Report
Susan Mendes

Susan Mendes +2 points228 days ago

WHAT IS WITH THIS DUDE AND HIS " seduccing " KNIFE ADDICTION!? HES LIKE " yo gurl wanna come to ma house? Ill seduce you with a knife and then stab you with it. So you on bb girl? " AND FOR SOME REASON THE GIRL IS LIKE " Sure bb boy!! You said stab me! Theres a chance ill survive! Hehe we will have so much fun! " LIKE WTF?! DIDNT YALL PARENTS TEACH YA ABOUT STRANGER DANGER??!! Reply Report

Dimo12 +1 points226 days ago

It’s funny how fake this is...why do people even look at this stuff... why am I on this video... answer is, I’m bored Reply Report

Anon666   0 points49 days ago

The guy should be stabbed instead, many times see him doing all.the stabbing but nvr stabbed the navel more...the girl.got a sexy navel, fxxing stoopid. Reply Report

anon08158   0 points229 days ago

Literally the only thing you need to be good at to make these videos good is acting. This girl fails hard. Reply Report

Dokutsu   0 points227 days ago

@anon08158 Yeah, she has a really shity acting And the post prod soud make it so fake, sad :'( Reply Report

JoFrank   0 points227 days ago

That's CGI. Why you guys worried about that? Enjoy the pleasureable of stabbed porn. Reply Report

lightingbolt -2 points228 days ago

Its murder. Reply Report