Bloody Murder

Stabbed in the stomach and tits.

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Pantilover +8 points31 days ago

Dear actress,
You are bleeding so sexily !
Your lace skirt is pretty like a piece of sanitary napkin soaked with
your menstrual blood !
I like it !
Please don't wash it after this performance and let me buy it
at any price you want :)
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Heavy Fan

Heavy Fan +3 points30 days ago

Good fantasy :)
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Dr.White +5 points30 days ago

Dear patient,
Your uterus had been punctured by the knife stab !
Blood is coming out not only from the wounds on your lower belly.
You are also bleeding through your vagina !
You need a tampon to absorb your blood flow,
followed by a surgery to restore your reproductive organ !
Let me do this for you immediately :)
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Belly-Fever +5 points29 days ago

A few stabs at or below the female navel is erotic to watch.
Stabs at the upper abdomen, however, would induce coughing and
blood vomiting which are too bitter to see.
This movie will be much better without the fierce stab at the heart.
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Quackmyre 2.0

Quackmyre 2.0   0 points8 days ago

If anybody knows how I can 're log in here could you please kik @quackmyre tia Reply Report

vahryane   0 points6 days ago

debloques ta machine !
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HellNo -1 points7 days ago

Delete this, horrible acting Reply Report
fucking shit

fucking shit -3 points7 days ago

I WOULD NEVER PLEASURE MYSELF WITH THIS SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

Urtwisted -4 points30 days ago

Retarded. Who the fuck jerks off to this shit? If you do? Seriously consider going to a therapist. Seriously. Reply Report

Zinn   0 points7 days ago

@Urtwisted Reply Report
Heavy Fan

Heavy Fan +6 points30 days ago

If this is not the right cinema for you, go to another one silently.
Don't disturb the other audience.
Thank you.
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The Referee

The Referee +5 points30 days ago

Please focus your comments on the movie instead of the audience.
Thank you.
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