very violent video : beaten and humiliated woman

beaten woman, humiliated and forced to drink until drunkenness

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Deme +5 points137 days ago

I Just fapped like 5 times to this Reply Report
Past fast

Past fast +2 points105 days ago

I liked her small tits Reply Report

pisspig2014 +2 points82 days ago

i love this! Reply Report

dropofvenom   0 points90 days ago

It's not what I expected ... I wanted to see it disfigured by hits.
I'm disappointed
Reply Report
i dont give a fuck what you think

i dont give a fuck what you think   0 points115 days ago

BEST FUCKING VID I EVER SEEN trust the slanty eyed cunts to do this its fucking excellent. watched it multiple times and cum so hard each time. fucking great want more vids like this Reply Report
batsrad 2

batsrad 2   0 points47 days ago

great but why get her drunk Reply Report

Qwerty1234tyuiop   0 points15 days ago

Wtf why did I watch it
Reply Report

niceguy66   0 points8 days ago

Why not fuck her juicy cunt? Reply Report

ThePervWithNerve -3 points120 days ago

No this wasn't legal. This is heavily edited, she got raped, beaten by a group of ppl (If i recall 1 was a black woman) And all sorts of fucked up shit, you can see blood pooling up on the floor in some edits. thats why they forced the porn actresses into being blackedout. The "porn company" got multiple lawsuits for abuse. Reply Report

tyronebiggums -3 points145 days ago

wtf is this even legal Reply Report

aaas -3 points127 days ago

kill them Reply Report

1234qwertasdfg -3 points115 days ago

Freaking assholes. Wtf i ahould quit watchin porn. How were they even able to do this stuff to women. Shit faces Reply Report

Fake -3 points110 days ago

It’s not real you dickheads Reply Report