Branding Slaves

Two sadistic mistresses teach you how to brand your slave...

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Worthless as a man

Worthless as a man +2 points75 days ago

I need to get branded,burned
and used as a toilet for females for that is all I'm good for
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hilroy48 +1 points96 days ago

I see nothing but stund CUNTS> fucking women have no clue. Reply Report
Brutal Buddha

Brutal Buddha   0 points66 days ago

Yeah, come at me with a shitty ugly ass home-made brand and zero experience doing it. The only thing they would get is finding out what it's like to get stabbed in the neck while you sleep. But seriously, how fuck8ng pathetic do you have to be to allow a pair of tacky trailer park whores with waffle iron wavy hair thinking they are worthy of being in control? Bitch please. They need to take their waffle house waitressing asses back to work. Reply Report
Slavefiel100%, x

Slavefiel100%, x   0 points58 days ago

@Brutal Buddha is not pathetic to have a true devotion to a mistress and wish she allow you be her slace forwver and brand you as her property Reply Report
Frank van Velsen

Frank van Velsen   0 points42 days ago

i have 3 brandings from 2 mistress , the pain was incredibale but that is what you do for yoour mistress if you serious bdsm Reply Report