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Her first time anal and she loves it!

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Shreya 48

Shreya 48 +4 points22 days ago

My experience tells me this can never be her first time. The ass hole is so loose that the soft dick was shoved in without resistance and the girl didn't even shriek and wince at all. Reply Report

smoothpussykate +1 points16 days ago

@Shreya 48 …..In my experience, It could be her first time, I was masturbating with fingers and other things long before having anal sex, as for shrieking and wincing, well, I didn't find my first time that painful, I did wince a little at first but all in all it was a very pleasant experience, which I continue to enjoy up to this day. I liked the video and thought she was very cute and sexy. Reply Report
Shreya 48

Shreya 48 +1 points16 days ago

@smoothpussykate : May be you lubed it well. Nice for sharing. Reply Report

ingomat +2 points22 days ago

Not her first, I guess Reply Report

SteveDD +2 points22 days ago

who wouldn't love having a huge dick unlubed shoved up their butt the first time? Reply Report

Princesstinysub +1 points22 days ago

Heyyyy if your into petite teens i love older guys Reply Report

Carnage171   0 points21 days ago

@Princesstinysub how much older ? Reply Report
No no

No no +1 points22 days ago

@Princesstinysub lol Reply Report
No no

No no +2 points22 days ago

@Princesstinysub Reply Report
her name is

her name is +1 points22 days ago

Ann O Fee Reply Report
Noah Trujillo

Noah Trujillo +1 points22 days ago

Once if a white girl tastes a raw black dick from the continent, she and her future generations as with most of the white females will never think of fucking by a white cock. Reply Report

monkshunter -2 points21 days ago

@Noah Trujillo stupid racist monk !! Reply Report
Noah Trujillo

Noah Trujillo +1 points19 days ago

@monkshunter : Don't take solace in using the "racism" word for your inabilities. Truth persists and prevails. Reply Report
I\'ve also had the first time

I\'ve also had the first time   0 points22 days ago

Her first time anal? ...HAH HAH nonsense Reply Report

Frieza   0 points22 days ago

Corn beef pussy Reply Report

alex6080   0 points22 days ago

Her butthole is so small. Reply Report

mictra   0 points22 days ago

c'est pas sa première fois Reply Report

tjlickass   0 points21 days ago

very pretty girl, pretty ass, Beautiful asshole and cute tits...I want to lick the cum out of her ass.. Reply Report