Caught Abusing Wasted Girl In Nightclub

When he realized he was being filmed, he quickly stopped and put her clothes back on.

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Shadownsmoke +7 points202 days ago

Damn! He got a piece of her ass, didn't he? Most of the time they use us for whatever they can get out of us. Good for him, get dat ass! If she wasn't suppose to take the dick she wouldn't have a cunt, hopefully it's a very hairy cunt too.

I use to watch my ole man do my mama, he would take her pussy a lot of the time. She'd fight back, beg and plead, but in the end her legs would be up in the air and would moaning for it.

I swear, three deep strokes of my daddy's cock and my mama would be raising those legs up in the air. I knew what would come next from her. Her legs would relax and then spread wide open for daddy so he could get into her real good. After all that fighting not to get fucked... my mama would spread her, not so innocent, very hairy, Catholic school girl cunt, and after only just three strokes of daddy's stiff cock. I'm was so ashamed of my mama at the time. She was suppose to be innocent like mamas are suppose to be. I guess not?

Thanks Daddy! Thanks daddy for making me go down on mama's hairy cunt when I was just seven years old. You told mana you needed to teach me how to eat pussy. No wonder I have such a fetish for a woman with a real hairy cunt, especially a dark hairy pussy!!! Mama was my first piece of ass. It was still dark outside that morning. You don't forget you first time, especially when you're fucking your own mama. Daddy made me stick it in her, mama was already wet from me licking on her just minutes ago. I got lost in mama's cunt, it was so big and my little cock was too small. Fucking mama was like fucking a can a cream chowder. Warm and sloppy! Thanks daddy!

It did get much better with mama as my cock got larger, much larger than my daddy's cock. LmAo over that!!! This rant is true, no one knows and no authorities were ever told about what happened. My real daddy got away with it all the way to the grave. Daddy raped and sodomized us both, including forcing mama and me to fuck. He made us like it by continually forcing us to fuck him. I must admit it did feel so very good. I'm into the feel good sex, with me it's not about your stats or pretty face. I want your ass to play with. I'll give it back when I'm done with molesting it. I promise.
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actualFBI +2 points202 days ago

Disgusting motherfucker. They should‘ve slammed his head on the floor and busted his ass Reply Report

puckerfucker   0 points185 days ago

Since the video doesn't start until after he had already started. That maybe this was consensual, his behavior and hers indicate a couple that got caught fucking in public. When he notices others watching he would've had an o or raised eyebrows eyes wide open not smiling the whole time, he's long stroking in and out anybody with big dick knows this can't happen immediately it needs to be worked in to carry her wetness deep and her lips splayed open otherwise her lips drag on cock wiping it dry. When he got off her be was more about covering her in front of the increasing size of tbe crowd like boyfriends do when be got off her be wouldve been gone .it staying around still smiling then when he sat down ShE on her own raised her arm and put her hand around his neckafter he says something to her, ,maybe like they think I'm raping you do something. She probably was wasted which is why this happenee and evidently not their first time. Yeah she probably passed out he kept on going. what guy would stop when she initiated it not 1st time and consensual. Body language people. Even if I'm wrong I hope he was pounding her ass because more than likely bought all her Dr that she accepted to tbe Point of pa$sing out and there's only one type of conversation that keeps a guy to stick around buying drinks for her....its her talking sex her attention, she gives and eggs him on with exploits a.d mAybe leads him to think she's going to fuck his brains out of they'll be some fucking tonight. She passes out birch deserve her ads ducked bukaje her face and leave. Her punishment is when He leaves I come Long see her cum co ered face I know its not sloppy 2nds and carry her out and fuck that hitches shaved cunt and asssmacki.v her titties. Cunt and ass and fAce until I cum in every gasped hole. All while POV filming her and snapshotting with her phone dump her out by her door. Pantys and.bra with me. Call her next day and blackmail her with the video for same rape abuse but her awake to fuck her face and gags to deeptbroat my cock. The lady's love my fat, thick 9incher and.beg for what that BITCH got without begging for it after days of thinking and dreaming about then obsessing over. I don't wine and dine counts just groan for my bone after going to a ie.,party or function and work my way around to find that most voluptuous bbw (not floppy fat not skinny) short with full sexy legs longhaired.beautiful slut with the biggest mother fu king nathral titties .nice full ass. Imagine Cocos look and sexuality with.bigger natural tits on whatever race , color, etc. That's the target married or not if she's alone or with friends ill chit chat a bit and always commando in Jean slacks vet rock hard stand up and whiisper something like I tbink
She wouldn't know what to do with it other than have me stop.and inevitably she'll .go to report and definitely look down and bold tve retorting after seeing the outline of my cock. Then with a salavating grin look in my eyes and.begiin asking. Is that real I grab their hand a.d with .mo resistance they allow me to place their hand on my cock and most times they want to go somewhere for a quick view and i'll make them do a lipstick test for showing them. They always always are amazed bow much cock that doesn't fit in their mouth. I then make them stand and with tears in their eyes from gagging I say fix your lipstick. I get their numbers (never ever mine) and wait a week call set a day I can.go over break tbe date day before. Call late of tbe broken date night and set new date for day or two later while they ask and beg and ,ake their plea to come over that night they. Ant stop thinking about me (now realize this, the cock comes with a tall drink of handsome with brains) yeah there's some truth in what she says but its the cock that she' can't stop thinking about that she was so bad and naughty to skip away to see and I forced to her knees and mad
whike making her gag acted like a gentleman made her stand and too fix her reapply her lipstick and fix her eyes.and walmed ber back to her take and missed her hand after I got her .number. A full night of orvasms always allows me to fuck their are even if they don't do anal. Ecause gbats what I WANT. Ecause if I'm refused this night WILLL end with me not back.g cummed yet after hours of fucking and sucking. Will end the .night and bye NO MORE of my cock. Ive done it. Efore and somehow they knowingly will run Into me again dressed very provocatively will have me feel the plug up their. Ass and beg me to make them scream while de
I fucking pound and destroy their cunt and ass and then with my balls against their chin shock.g my cock down their throat they want me to make them swallow my cum while I'm their throat and gagging to just go force my cock deeper as I'm cumming no matter how hard they push away just keep forcing my cock until is top twitching and jerking. If any BITCH fits my requirements and got wet and retreads and got off and youve got a hunger for how I'm hung and handle you. Welll send me a message here. Send me your pics and if yiur pics gets me hard well keep uour cunt wet until I get with you . no piics no glory galore
Mwah. O

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Whoever   0 points185 days ago

thats kinda fucked up.. Reply Report

raaaapè   0 points96 days ago

@Whoever nope u can tell she loved it :) Reply Report

pakimacaque -2 points202 days ago

PAKI MONKEY @@ Reply Report

Azzfucker -6 points202 days ago

Now that's rape, but still could've been avoided if she would have been more responsible with her drinking. YES! IT'S PART HER FAULT! MOSTLY HIS OF COURSE, BUT AVOIDABLE, IN HER PART! Reply Report

Big_John -10 points210 days ago

Did that in high school all the time! Parties were the shit only thing is Id always leave em on a bed with their paties down around their ankles so that they would know they had been violated, Ive had more really Hot pussy than I can count and Im an ugly mutha fuka too Im talking bad bitches Reply Report

Lisalouise +2 points190 days ago

Damn wish I went highschool with you
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Johnny the Rapist

Johnny the Rapist +8 points209 days ago

@Big_John you're a rapist Reply Report

irony -1 points205 days ago

@Johnny the Rapist Reply Report