Big Black Dick vs Little White Dick

Cruel sluts compare black guys big dick with white guy's micro penis. That must have been embarrassing for the white dude.

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achilles469 +33 points375 days ago

Triggered white guys in the comments below...lmao Reply Report
Cracker Killa

Cracker Killa +26 points375 days ago

This is why white bitches suck, fuck and worship the BBC while they laugh at White and Asian cocks. Since John Holmes is dead, There is no such thing as a BWC (BIG WHITE COCK) Reply Report

Yips34 +24 points375 days ago

Lol sad little white trash Reply Report

Diana229 +23 points375 days ago

Basically this is y white girls like black guys sry nor sry white boys Reply Report

ragrargara +1 points275 days ago

lol all the comments talking about this is why white dudes suck and bbc is what all women want, ive got a cock just like that and im white as a ghost, when i fuck my gf i smack her cervix Reply Report

buttslutbitch   0 points373 days ago

Why discriminate? Big cock in the ass little one in the mouth, easy enough to figure out. Reply Report

Visuals   0 points342 days ago

No matter what the man's race, I've never liked hearing them call the woman they're fucking "bitch"....not SO bad when it's obviously camera hype. But for me preferring to watch black dicks in white pussy is because the color contrast just makes the visuals better, and black dicks reflect the wetness of the girl's vagina better. Also, it makes sense that a girl will feel more thoroughly fucked when she can feel the stretch and fullness in her vagina. Not so much mystery. Reply Report

Cuckboi   0 points202 days ago

Only big black cocks are allowed to cum in this house. White boys are required to be locked in a chastity cage. Reply Report

_______   0 points34 days ago

does he just have one ball? dafuq? Reply Report

sweet_dave -1 points375 days ago

My dick is even smaller than the guys with the tiny dick. Deeply worrying. Reply Report

mrrotorooter -2 points374 days ago

That's going to feel good up his ass! Reply Report

Kansti -26 points375 days ago

I can't believe there is people who thinks this is applies like a general real racial diference, I mean, how much of a retarded idiot you have to be for beliving everything you saw in porn? Reply Report
black monkeys killa

black monkeys killa -32 points375 days ago

Really stupid comment, obviously written by blackguys, this shows you have everything in the pants, not in the brain... Reply Report
Jew Hunter

Jew Hunter   0 points374 days ago

@black monkeys killa Reply Report