Playing With My Passed Out Sister

She'd gone KO after a strong sleeping pill totally naked and I just could't help playing around a bit. Should I do more or is that wrong??

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irostokina +3 points342 days ago

She's not even sleeping... And they aren't related... Reply Report

mjb0206   0 points342 days ago

You're adorable
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DudeLiker +1 points342 days ago

You think a dude with a fake girl avatar is adorable? Good on you.
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DudeUSuck +2 points343 days ago

She's not even sleeping... And they aren't related... This is just some video you found and uploaded here, that was probably made back in 2004 Reply Report

ingomat +2 points343 days ago

Excellent, bet she has a wet dream Reply Report

dickt +2 points343 days ago

Do her, let me say this again "DO HER". All that toying got her nipples pronounced, she wants it. Call some friends over and have a gangbang. Reply Report

Notputin5 -1 points341 days ago


Yeah they'd have time of their life, what a moron.
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jaybones +1 points343 days ago

Definitely go farther!!! I'm surprised when you got your dick out you didn't stick it in her pussy!
If the pills knock her out so badly, get on top and give it to her hard and fast, let her wake up sore sticky and confused.
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BorisBorzik +1 points343 days ago

Why for to no putting cocks in assholes? This very bad Reply Report

adude +1 points342 days ago

Fake as fuck Reply Report

Incestguykc +1 points312 days ago

I’ve done this to my niece Reply Report
I want to slide my cock inside her with that dildo

I want to slide my cock inside her with that dildo   0 points338 days ago

The thought of all of that is such a turn-on Reply Report
big dick mike

big dick mike   0 points343 days ago

I would creamed in her say she came home with a guy Reply Report

SteveDD -1 points343 days ago

@big dick mike
Lordy, we need more responsible and respectful males like you on the planet! You are a champion.
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JUNO   0 points342 days ago

COOL Reply Report

Lee4940   0 points342 days ago

No one's related. they are all porn bimbos and bimbettes. For fantasy, you should fuck mother and sister all the time. Keep it in the family. Reply Report

lovesanal131313   0 points276 days ago

next time id trim that Bush for her, but that is just mr. Reply Report

DudeBroMan   0 points167 days ago

Not only are you a bitch, but you have a tiny ass dick, too. Probably wouldn't have lasted 20 seconds. Reply Report

niceguy66   0 points142 days ago

I would suck her pussy Reply Report