Kinky Female Bodybuilder

Would you hit it? Uhmmm let her hit you I mean..

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IfOtWasntADude +7 points249 days ago

If that wasn’t a dude at one point, then I shall grant this video 5 stars. Reply Report

Name?   0 points248 days ago

Anyone know her name?
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HerNameIs +2 points247 days ago

Angela Salvagno
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someoenelse   0 points248 days ago

@Name? Rachel Savania I think. I don't know how to spell it. She was on the Gregg and Joe show on Youtube if you're into bodybuilding. Reply Report

MeanGene +1 points248 days ago

The Ultimate Warrior
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Random person

Random person   0 points248 days ago

Sure why not :D Reply Report

horndogger   0 points248 days ago

I'm fascinated with body builder bitches. I'd definitely get down with her Reply Report

xcitu   0 points247 days ago

I would cum in her pussy. The steroids have likely enlarged her clit, so there will likely be that hot kinky little poke from her clit at the upper base of your cock as you pump you cock in and out of her pussy. Reply Report

ice   0 points247 days ago

I'll give it a go for sure Reply Report

alex6080   0 points247 days ago

I want to eat her ass so bad, Reply Report

DJHughes   0 points247 days ago

Wow - never been with a body builder bitch but would like her to ride me and beat the shit out of me at the same time.. Id like to see a closeup of that steriod clit too. Reply Report

boy30 -1 points247 days ago

I think she is hot would defenitly like to get naked with her Reply Report

Donna42 -2 points248 days ago

If she keeps doing that chest flex she is going to pop one of her fake boobs. Otherwise fugly bitch. Reply Report