Diarrhea In Mouth

Scat Mistress opens her asshole and floods his mouth with diarrhea.

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Chris6745 +2 points6 days ago

Its superhot! I'd allow my wife to do this to me every time she feels like having diarrhea. In fact its also a good smoothie if mixed with female pee. I would gladly take a bath full of it. Reply Report

Ladida +1 points6 days ago

@4urGood : too bad u either have no eyes to watch or no brains to think before thumping out dumbshit remarks on what others make u believe: this ain't no diarrhea, got that, batshit retarded dumbass? why not ask ur mo'fucking slut back home before dumping another load on her? bet she's an expert on this: if u never deliver pap shit, ur neighbor next door does... have a nice day. Reply Report

YaBoi +1 points6 days ago

@Dickwrangler no,this is disgusting
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kiwismurf   0 points4 days ago

Abuse and degrade me! Add me on Snap - Riyyaaaaa Reply Report

4urGood -5 points6 days ago

Diarrhea is a symptom of disease or at least disorder, it's the second death cause in poor countries. I would not eat or touch it, since it can be contagious, not even talking about the "normal poo" problems like the E. Coli bacteria and others. Don't do this, even with wife husband, it's just super dangerous, there are so many other ways to have fun... Reply Report

Azzfucker -2 points6 days ago

I'm with you on that one, even tho I have fudged packed many times, I wouldn't eat that shit.
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watwat -1 points6 days ago

There's a difference between diarrhea caused by harmful bacteria or other parasites (which is a cause of death in poor countries) and that caused by eating laxatives or too many fiber (for example). If it is done by a healthy individual I doubt it would be that harmful.
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Dickwrangler   0 points6 days ago


Just fuck off, it sexy
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Dickwrangler -1 points6 days ago


Just fuck off, it sexy
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