Forced To Watch His Wife Getting Impregnated

A MILF is napping on the couch. There's a knock at the door and two thugs force their way in. They handcuff her a start to molest her, forcing her to fuck and suck at gunpoint. Her husband enters the room and they subdue him too. He is then forced to watch the rape of his wife. One of the thugs decides to creampie her, making her pregnant.

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Paguy -2 points28 days ago

Wish this would happen to my wife in front of me. Reply Report

Ladybug69 -21 points60 days ago

Nice film. My husband couldn't get me pregnant. So we agreed to have another man breed me. But only if hubby could choose the men to breed me. I agreed. When the note came hubby had me put on garter belt and stockings side tie thong matching bra see through blouse and denim mini skirt. Then hubby went to pick him up. They got here and he had not one man but 6. He had them gangbang me twice each. Then for a reward I had to suck them and let each of them do anal on me. But I got pregnancy loss Reply Report

osego62   0 points35 days ago

@Ladybug69 So when do we get to see it and the next one! Reply Report
Rick m

Rick m -3 points52 days ago

@Ladybug69 soooo you got pregnant or not? Lol Reply Report