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Psycho killer bitch breaks slave's neck and fucks her mouth with a strap-on dildo.

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DarkRomeo +5 points516 days ago

This is obviously fake as you can see there is no connection during the kicking part. That being said I totally love this for how dark it is. Big thanks to the creators! we need more! Reply Report

Fake +3 points517 days ago

I hope it is fake Reply Report
Blaine Sican

Blaine Sican +2 points517 days ago

I need more of this!!!!! I wish someone would do this to me!!!! So hot!!!! Reply Report

masrop05 -1 points510 days ago

@Blaine Sican - where you located? Reply Report

Kolobos51 +2 points516 days ago

Where is this from? You can see the channel blurred out so it must have a source. Reply Report

beedee241 +1 points517 days ago

Love it all...especially the cunt kicking! Reply Report
Kksbcc snsd

Kksbcc snsd +1 points517 days ago

This cant be real Reply Report
mynames yeff

mynames yeff +1 points516 days ago

fake no connection the girls eyes are moving to different fixed points if jaws go limp they stay that way Reply Report

TheForager   0 points349 days ago

Well, of course it's staged. Belle Fatale is fucking Coco's man and they fight over him. Belle unleashes a brutal beating ... and nobody dies better than Coco. Find the full vid, 'cuz if you get into this stuff, it's the best I've found. Plus check out Coco's other snuff--she's really good ... and hot! Reply Report
The fuck

The fuck   0 points520 days ago

The fuck
Reply Report

ohplease   0 points516 days ago

I've seen low budget pro wrestling less fake looking than this. Reply Report

rwzar1265   0 points317 days ago

there use to be a full version ov this vid it was posted here dose anyone know what happened to it. Reply Report